【Seminar】Bridging Mechanics and Chemistry in Deformable Solids By Prof. Fernando P. Duda


Thursday, August 10, 2023 - 16:30 to 17:30


Lab4, F01 (Hybrid)



Bridging Mechanics and Chemistry in Deformable Solids


Dr. Fernando P Duda
Professor and Head Department of Mechanical Engineering
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


This presentation delves into the derivation of continuum theories to describe prominent aspects of the interplay between mechanics and chemistry in solids. This interaction underpins complex behaviors observed across diverse material systems, bridging disciplinary boundaries to encompass domains as varied as energy technology and cell biology. The primary emphasis centers on outlining the fundamental components for systematically constructing coupled continuum theories, accompanied by practical applications that underscore the significant synergistic interplay of mechanics and chemistry.

The talk initiates with the formulation of continuum theories concerning species diffusion and phase transformations in solids and subsequently advances toward incorporating chemical reactions. Applications will be given through illustrative examples inspired by contemporary challenges, including the increasing focus on utilizing hydrogen as an energy carrier in the transition towards a clean energy economy and the intricate interplay between mechanics and chemistry in cell biology.

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