Seminar by Prof. Noritada Kaji, Prof. Tatsuro Endo, Prof. Mao Fukuyama and Prof. Satoshi Yamaguchi


Monday, January 20, 2020 - 14:00


D014 (Level D, Lab1)


We have 4 exciting short talks (10 minutes each) given by 4 professors working on cell manipulation and analysis using novel engineering approaches. Detailed abstracts are enclosed below. 


Prof. Noritada Kaji (Kyushu University)

Mechanical phenotyping of a single cell by a microfluidic device
The mechanical properties of a cell, which include parameters such as elasticity, inner pressure, and tensile strength, are extremely important because changes in the mechanical properties are indicative of diseases ranging from diabetes to malignant transformation. Here we proposed the microfluidic device with two consecutive constrictions for a single cell sizing and deformability measurements based on blocking ion current.

Prof. Tatsuro Endo (Osaka Prefecture University)

Functionalized polymer-based photonic crystal nanocavity for biosensing application
Photonic crystal (PhC) is an optical device which has dielectric periodic nanostructures that can diffract and reflect the specific wavelength light. Based on these characteristics of PhC, in this study, polymer-based PhC nanocavity for biosensing application was developed.
In addition, using this PhC nanocavity, detection of DNA hybridization was carried out.

Prof. Satoshi Yamaguchi (The University of Tokyo)

Photo-responsive cell immobilization tools for single-cell manipulation
We developed photo-responsive cell immobilization tools to attach and release living cells at the desired timing and location onto/from the substrate. Our synthetic materials based on PEG-lipids could simply and rapidly construct single-cell arrays and dynamically release cells through photo-induced reactions.

Prof. Mao Fukuyama (Tohoku University)

Control of the molecular transfer between microdroplets and micelles
and its application to single cell analysis
Measuring the secretion of single cell is difficult due to the diffusion dilution. Here I present the immunoassay for single cell secretion by combining the droplet microfluidics and spontaneous emulsification.

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