Section Members

  Name Role
Tadashi Sugihara Manager
Yoshiteru Fujimatsu Assistant Manager
Xin Yao

URA (Pre-Award), Grant Advisor  

PhD in Applied Linguistics
Assistant Professor at Shenyang University of Technology, Manager at Teachers College, Columbia University Japan Campus, Specially-Appointed Associate Professor and Chief Research Administrator at Osaka University before assuming her current position at OIST in March 2021. Since 2013, she has been engaged in a wide range of activities as a URA (University Research Administrator), including supporting researchers in external funding acquisition and international dissemination of research results, assisting the university executives to strategically strengthen university research capabilities and university management, and managing institutional research support programs. At OIST, she is mainly engaged in supporting researchers with diverse backgrounds in obtaining external funding, among others.

姚 馨(ヨウ シン)
お茶の水女子大学人間創成文化科学専攻 博士(人文科学)

Masahiro Yamano

Pre-Award, Research Development Coordinator 

He started his career in industry in 1999 and moved to research institutions in 2011. Specializing in Research Development and management, he worked at the University of Tokyo, JST, and RIKEN before joining OIST in 2022. He received his Ph.D. from Tohoku University in 2010.

Suzuna Tengan Post-Award (KAKENHI, JSPS)
Yukiko Inoue Post-Award (contracted research)
Emi Maekado Pre-Award Assistant