The typhoon season is usually August to October. Typhoon conditions of readiness are broadcasted on Japanese T.V. and radio. And also on the US Armed Forces Network AFN FM 89.1 and AM 648.


Typhoons are severe weather conditions with heavy rain and strong winds. Tree branches are broken; power poles are blown over. Power outages are quite common. Below are some hits on how to be ready when a typhoon passes by or over Okinawa.

Preparing for a Typhoon

  • Four-day supply of food and water
  • Bottled water, canned foods, and other non-perishables.
  • Flashlights with extra batteries, candles, lighter /matches.
  • Ample supply of food for pets.
  • First aid kit
  • Radio with extra batteries
  • Loose objects outside secured
  • Pets inside.

During a Typhoon

  • Avoid going outdoors
  • Be prepared for power outages.
  • Listen to the radio for information and updates.

OIST work-related rules concerning Typhoon Condition:

1. During Working Hours:

(1) When public transportation is suspended, announcement will be made in the buildings.
(2) The information will be sent by e-mail to “oist-all” and provided to “TIDA” at the same time.
(3) All members will be asked to promptly leave the office and head home.
(4) OIST shuttle bus will leave in time to meet the last scheduled highway bus at Ishikawa IC

2. Before Working Hours:

Check the typhoon warning through media such as TV and radio below.
If public transportation is suspended, you will be asked to stay at home.
FM: AFN “Wave 89” --- 89.1MHz AM: AFN “Surf 648” --- 648KHz

The information will be sent through SECOM* and posted on OIST’s external website. The information will be sent by e-mail to “oist-all” and provided to “TIDA” at the same time.

SECOM Emergency Messaging System

In the event of an emergency such as approaching typhoons, severe earthquakes or declaration of tsunami risk, OIST will inform you by sending alert messages using the SECOM e-kakushin system.

For more information about the SECOM e-kakushin system and how to register yourself, please see the SECOM e-kakushin emergency contact system guide.

If you are not able to check the information, please contact;

098-966-8989 OIST Help Line

If public transportation resumes operation by noon, you must come to work as long as the situation allows you to  arrive at the office safely.

3. Application for Typhoon day on OIST Attendance Management Tool:

    Please submit “Special Leave” application.