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Before the conversion
Steps You have to take
Required documents
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You Answered

  1. Are you registered as a resident of Japan? - YES
  2. Do you have a valid non-Japanese driver's license? - YES
  3. Can you provide official document(s) to prove that you physically stayed in the license-issuing country for more than 90 days after obtaining your license? - YES
  4. Do you have an International Driving Permit based on the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic? - YES
  5. Was your driver's license issued in one of "Designated Countries, Region, and States" listed below? - NO

Before the conversion please be noted that

  • You can drive in Japan with an International Driving Permit(IDP) up to 1 year from the date of your entry to Japan or the issue date of your IDP, whichever date comes first.

  • Reservation can be made at the license center 4 months before your IDP becomes invalid in Japan

  • Japanese driver's license will not be issued until 2 working days before the expiry date of your IDP even if you have completed all the processes.

  • You can start preparing the required document right away.

Steps you have to take

Step1: Contact the Resource Center

  • Submit a request form from here to give detailed information on your driver's license as well as to request to make an appointment for a document screening session at the Driver's License Center
  • The Resource Center will contact you once your appointment has been confirmed. We will let you know what documents are required for your case.

Step 2: Start collecting required documents

  • Please refer here for the required documents

Step 3: Document screening at the Driver's License Center

  • Document Screening session at the driver's license center

Step 4: Take the written test

  • Once your application is accepted, you can make a reservation for the written test

Step 5: Take the practical test

  • Once you pass the written test, you can make a reservation for the practical test. You will have to re-take the test if you fail

Step 6: Once you pass the practical test, you will receive a driver's license

Required Documents

*Please click on the items to see detailed information

1. The conversion might be refused if the validity period of the license is less than 30 days.
2. If the first acquisition date is not indicated on the license, official document(s) that states the first acquisition date will be required.

The translation can be done either by JAF(Japan Automobile Federation) or a consulate of the license-issuing country

*Click here to see how to get the translation from JAF

Passports are used to confirm your physical presence in the license-issuing country for more than 90 days along with the documents you will present. Thus, the passports must cover the period mentioned on the documents you will present.

Residence certificate issued within 1 year prior to submission (if the one you already have was issued more than a year ago, you need to get a new one)

Your personal number MUST NOT be printed

Click here to see how to get the certificate from a municipal office

You have to bring your resident card as well as a resident certificate

This can be challenging as the Driver's License Center is particular about these documents.

You need to provide them with at least 2 documents to prove that you stayed in the license-issuing country for more than 90 days after acquisition.

Examples of the documents:

Please visit Resource Center to inquire the License Center about the sufficient documents.

The photos must be the ones taken within 6 months prior to submission

- Size of the photos: H3cm×W2.4cm

You can have the photos taken at the Driver's Licence Center (600JPY)


Click here to download a printable checklist

Driver's License Center tour

Resource Center staff drives you to the Driver's License Center every Wednesday and Friday and provides translation service there


Wednesday tour:   7:50 am - 1:00 pm(approx.)
​Friday tour:   7:20 am - 1:00 pm(approx.)

Meeting time

Wednesday tour:  In front of AEON / 7:50 am
Friday tour:          In front of AEON / 7:20 am

    Conversion Fees

    Application fee 2,550JPY*1
    License issuance fee 2,050JPY
    Vehicle usage fee  1,450JPY*2

      If you fail the first driving test, you have to pay *1 and *2 every time you take the driving test. 

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