GR Course (2023-2024, term 1)

Lectures are on Wednesdays and Fridays 10:00-12:00, in Lab 4, room E45.

The grade will consist of 75% final exam and 25% midterm exam (or 100% final exam if it was better than the midterm).

Homework is published under "File Attachments" below. It is mandatory, but not graded. To avoid grief, submit your homework within 1 week from its publication. Collaboration is encouraged. You can submit by email, or into the improvised mailbox outside Yasha's office (Lab 4, E11, in honor of the global symmetry group of M-theory).

Yasha is happy to be bothered with questions. Feel free to also bother Mirian, Slava and Seb in Lab 4, E25a.

Remember that grades in your Ph.D. are largely meaningless, and that the main purpose of the course is to have fun. Feel free to steer the course towards what you would like to learn.