Clothing Drive - June 3rd - 4th 2020

First week, first collaboration, first action!

If you have some clothes in your closet that you don't wear anymore, and also would like to give them a second life, don't miss the clothing drive next week organized with the Resource Center!

Four boxes for donations will be set up at the following locations on Wednesday and Thursday (3rd and 4th of June, 2020):

  • Recreation Services Office (Village Center)
  • Main Entrance Lobby
  • Resource center, center building
  • Resource center, Lab 4

Look for the box with the POWER club and Resource Center logo!
The clothes must be in good shape and washed.

At the end of these 2 days, donations will be collected and all these clothes will be given to two NPOs (HelpOki and Oki Hands Oki Heart) that will redistribute them to Okinawan people in need.

Thank you for your help.



Around 300kg.
300KG !!
This is the amount of clothes that has been collected from the OIST community.
We are amazed and grateful to the OIST community for such generosity. Thank you.
Friday 5th of June, a lot of volunteers came to help sorting all the donations.
Saturday 6th of June, half of the donations were delivered to Oki Hands Oki Heart in Chatan.
Saturday 13th of June, the second half were delivered to HelpOki in Naha.

A huge thank you too to the Recreation service and Ressource center teams that make this cloth drive possible.

POWER club volunteers working hard to sort all the donations - June 5th 2020

POWER committee members with Akiko Ishimine and OkiHands OkiHeart volunteer - June 6th 2020

POWER committee members with HelpOki volunteer - June 13th 2020