List of Okinawan NPOs


  • Onna Village Council of Social Welfare


- Social welfare service corporation in Onna village that peovides help for people in need. They can also be a mediator between you and those who are in need to deliver donations made by you.

-You can also check Resource Center's page for more information on how to arrange donations, financial or otherwise.


  • Oki Hands Oki Hearts


-The representatives run a small non-profit store where they collect donated clothes, applicances, etc. The items are sold on a regular basis to to raise funds to help graduated high school students from local children homes.

- Usually, children who live in children homes have to leave these homes after high school graduation.

-Oki Hands Oki Hearts raises funds to help these graduates cover the rent once they join college/vocational school, so that they can work part time to only pay their tuition fees and focus on school. This encourages the students to continue their higher education without worrying about working full time jobs to cover living costs and tuition.


  • HelpOki


-Okinawa’s volunteer community receive donations which are distributed to families in need. Proceeds from sale of un-donated items goes to orphanages, shelters or victims of domestic violence. Food goes to homeless shelters and Okinawan Food Bank.


  • 沖縄子どもの未来県民会議


- Led by Governor Tamaki. They accept regular donations.


  • 子供と地域をつなぐサポートセンター


- Support center to connect children with the community. This center is under Naha City community welfare division.


  • ももやま子ども食堂


-They are a voluntary organization to watch and nurture local children in the community.


  • エンカレッジ(Encourage


-Main activity is learning support / career development; childcare support


  • おきなわ女性財団(Okinawa female foundation


-Raising the status of women and promoting social status by raising awareness for the realization of a gender-equal society.


  • 沖縄県性暴力被害者ワンストップ支援センター(#7001)/沖縄県


-One-stop support center for victims of sexual violence.


  • National Foster Parents Association


- Their website has donation pages, if people want to regularly support foster kids and their foster families


Page last updated on June 3, 2020.