Food Drive - June 10th-11th, 2021


2021年6月10日 (木) 9:002021年6月11日 (金) 17:00


Food donation needed due to the shool closure! 

There are many families, with single parents and low income, that rely on school lunch that are provided for free. However, the closure of schools in Okinawa from 7th June to 20th means that such food will not be provided by school during this period. In addition, food bank of HelpOki is already almost empty because of the daily food request.

So, food donation will be extremely appreciated right now! All donations we collect at OIST will be donated to HelpOki. See below for details of this drive.

Collection Time: June 10-11th (Thu-Fri), 9am - 5pm

Collection points:

  • Main tunnel entrance
  • Lab 4 entrance
  • Recreation services Office

Items most needed:

Please bring “un-opened” items. Expiry date of food items should be August 2021 or later. 

  • rice, pasta, dried soba
  • spam
  • instant noodles
  • cannced soup
  • canned fruits
  • canned fish (tuna, mackerel etc)
  • any ready-to-eat meals



Thank you all for the food donation!! We were able to send a lot of food (two cars full!) to the food bank by HelpOki!



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