"PLANNING YOUR SCIENTIFIC JOURNEY. Evaluating Experimental Approach and Project Feasibility ”


2017年10月18日 (水) 12:00 13:00


Lab3, B711


Target Audience: Graduate students, Postdocs, Staff Scientists and Technicians  

Discussion Topic: During this meeting we will talk about how to “Evaluate a Experimetnal Approal and Project Feasibility”. If you don't have a research question or idea that you are currently exploring, we recommend you spend some time this week choosing a “practice” topic or question.

Activities: self-assessments, expert videos and informal discussions.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the session, you will be able to …

  • Explain why learning to ask a good research question is a key outcome of your training and an important transferable skill for your next career stage.
  • Articulate the features of “good” research questions, so you can develop a meaningful and implementable project.
  • Understand the definition of a hypothesis and its role in answering a research question.
  • Describe your current or potential research question(s), if you have already formulated one.
  • Analyze current or potential research question(s) using a set of criteria to identify the strengths and possible shortcomings of a project idea and to weigh the decision of committing to it.
  • Describe how your research interests and skill set align with your research question and experimental approach.

Facilitators: Irina Filonova (PhD in life science) and Jeremie Gillet (PhD in physics)


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