E-Workshop: "Handling difficult conversations".


2020年6月18日 (木) 13:00 16:00


Zoom meeting.


Target Audience: Researchers and Graduate Students. 

Session format: Interactive E-workshop. 

Facilitator: Dr. Irina Filonova, OIST Postdoctoral Development Specialist.

Learning Objectives:

    By the end of this session participants will be able to...

  • Understand potential benefits and drawbacks of conflicts;
  • Discuss what make the conversation difficult;
  • Identify 5 styles of conflict management;
  • Learn strategies to manage difficult situations and conflicts.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Space is limited to 12 participants.

A waiting list will be created if there are more than 12 people interested in attending the workshop. Alternative workshop date will be provided for the people on the waiting list. 

Registration deadline: June 15, 2020.

To register CLICK HERE.

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