Workshop: "Design Thinking in action"


2018年7月23日 (月) 13:30 16:30




Target Audience: OIST Researchers 

Facilitator: Pierre Khawand, Founder of "People-on-the-go"

Session Format: Interactive workshop


In this workshop, you will learn the key concepts and techniques of design thinking as well as work collaboratively with others to design a product. You will leave not only with a better understanding of key design thinking concepts but also equipped with useful techniques that you can apply right away. This workshop will give you the tools you need to think creatively and work collaboratively to solve problems and innovate solutions.

Problem Definition: Direct reports, bosses, colleagues all need each other to perform their tasks and often interrupt each other’s focus to address work issues or sometimes to socialize. While collaboration and socializing are necessary at times, many of these interruptions can be postponed until the individual involved is finished with their current task. We ask you to design a mechanism that would allow an individual to easily indicate whether they are focused on a task and prefer not to be interrupted, or available to answer questions and collaborate, or taking a break and open to socializing. We would like to provide a variety of mechanisms for workgroups to choose from depending on their work environment, ranging from technology-based solutions to analog solutions that require little or no funding.

Learning objectives:

   By the end of this session participants will be able to ...

  • Understand the key aspects of design thinking including working with your stakeholders to co-create innovative solutions together
  • Get insights into the challenges related to workplace interruptions and solutions to address them
  • Learn valuable tips and techniques for collaborating and problem-solving in the workplace and beyond

Registration Deadline: Friday, July 13.


About the facilitator:

Pierre Khawand comes from the software industry where he led several technology ventures and completed successful mergers and acquisitions. He founded People-OnTheGo in 2003. His focus is on productivity, leadership, and mindfulness at work. He is the author of several related books including the Accomplishing More With Less Workbook, Time for Leadership, and The Perfect 15-Minute Day. He is currently working with his team on a mindfulness at work app to make mindfulness more accessible to more people. Pierre holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan, and has completed several Executive Education programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (Stanford California). When not tackling productivity issues, Pierre enjoys hikes with his wife and friends in the San Francisco area, as well as Tai Chi and Argentine Tango.


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