QuickFix: "Using LinkedIn to achieve your goals”.


2020年8月27日 (木) 13:00 16:00


For RSVP only.


Target Audience: Researchers, Graduate Students and everyone who wants to improve LinkedIn Profile.

Session format: Interactive Zoom workshop.

Facilitator: Dr. Irina Filonova, OIST Postdoctoral Development Specialist.

Learning Objectives:

    By the end of this session participants will be able to...

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn more internationally;
  • Develop a strategy to maximize your LinkedIn presence; 
  • Understand how to ask and use Informational interview technique to obtain information about positions and application process.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Spaces are limited to 20 participants.

Registration deadline: August 24, 2020.

To register CLICK HERE.

Post-workshop survey SUMMARY.


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