Past Events

Inclusive Mentoring Mini-Symposium 2022

2022年2月16日 (水) 18:002022年2月17日 (木) 11:30
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The Center for Professional Development and Inclusive Excellence (C-Hub) warmly welcomes you to join us to engage in inspirational discussions, explorations, and strategic thinking to explore how individuals and institutions can promote impactful, inclusive mentoring cultures in the sciences.

E-workshop: "Visual Design for Communication".

2022年1月19日 (水) 9:30 11:00
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C-Hub warmly invites you to join us to learn how to effectively present your ideas or data visually.


Workshop: "Building Your Next Course: Forward Thinking on Curriculum through Backward Course Design".

2021年12月16日 (木) 10:00 11:30
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C-Hub warmly invites you to join us to hear about best practices for ensuring your teaching is engaging, transformative, and impactful.

Dr. Jason Heustis will articulate the essentials for creating a great course and discuss how to build a syllabus that will create clear, intentional pathways for teaching and learning. We will also discuss how “active learning” facilitates deep understanding and engages students from diverse backgrounds. Participants will also have the opportunity to consider different modes of assessment to measure student learning and mastery, and be strategic in development the assessments that will be aligned with your desired learning objectives.