Past Events

[Seminar] "Copepods – an introduction to the most abundant metazoan clade of the Tree of Life" by Prof. Rony Huys

2024年6月10日 (月) 10:00 11:00
L4F01, Lab4

Dr. Rony Huys, Professor, Department of Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum, London, U.K.

[Seminar] "Environmental responses of symbiotic algae underlying molecular interactions and circulations in coral reefs and other photosymbiotic ecosystems" by Prof. Shinichiro Maruyama

2024年5月21日 (火) 14:30 15:30
L4F01, Lab4

*Seminar Time Changed to 14:30-15:30*  Dr. Shinichiro Maruyama, Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo

[Seminar] "Evolutionary losses of photosynthesis in eukaryotic microalgae" by Prof. Ryoma Kamikawa

2024年3月7日 (木) 10:30 11:30
*Changed* C210, Center Bldg.

Speaker: Prof. Ryoma Kamikawa, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University 


[Seminar] "Why we should study protists: what the understudied majority eukaryotes can tell us about eukaryotic evolution and the origin of animals" by Dr. Michelle Leger

2023年11月7日 (火) 10:30 11:30

Dr. Michelle Leger, Postdoc, Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), Barcelona, Spain


[Seminar] "Microbe-Machine cybernetic coupling: A feedback loop for ethology and proto intelligences study " by Charles Fosseprez

2023年10月12日 (木) 11:00

Profile: Deep into the micro-world, I've been captivated by the complexity of microbial communities. My scientific journey is rooted in the exploration of collective evolution within living systems. Biochemistry, Microbiology and Cybernetics are my focal points, and I'm eager to share the marvels of this field with a broader audience. My approach is decidedly interdisciplinary, with a global footprint spanning diverse subjects. From unraveling the geometric symphony of embryo organization to delving into the fabrication of nanorobots for information processing, my pursuits have been wide-ranging. I've navigated through startups and ventured into the realm of art, guided by a persistent curiosity about constraints and compartments in biological systems. Philosophical contemplation is woven into my scientific exploration, yet I maintain a practical mindset as I am an Engineer with an eye on real-world applications.

[Seminar - Cancelled] "Benthic foraminifera as bioindicators of coastal marine environments" by Prof. Sigal Abramovich

2023年10月10日 (火) 13:30 14:30
L4F01, Lab4

Prof. Sigal Abramovich, Chair, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva

[Seminar] "Single-cell RNAseq approaches of shell-bearing foraminifers provide new insights into understanding marine ecology and evolution" by Prof. Yurika Ujiie

2023年9月25日 (月) 10:30 11:30
L4F01, Lab4

Dr. Yurika Ujiie, Marine Core Research Institute, Kochi University. 

An animal should not do that – symbiotic annelids synthesize a plant sterol de novo

2023年6月6日 (火) 11:00

Seminar by Dr. Dolma Michellod  (Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany)

Joint Poster Session of OIST & ERATO Evolving Symbiosis Project Members

2023年5月24日 (水) 16:00 18:00
outside B250

Open Poster Session (~20 posters by ERATO members and ~10 posters by OIST units)


Genetic mutation in Escherichia coli genome during adaptation to the murine intestine is optimized for the host diet

2023年5月24日 (水) 15:20

Seminar by Dr. Shinji Fukuda (Keio University and University of Tsukuba)