Past Events

Seminar by Dr. Noriko Okamoto, Hakai Institute

L4F01 or Zoom

Beach microbiology - from a single cell to the community

Inter-unit eDNA meeting


Are you using environmental DNA (eDNA) in your research? Or are you just curious about eDNA and its potential applications? Please join us for this inter-unit meeting about eDNA research at OIST. Speakers from Ravasi, Husnik, N. Luscombe, Miller, and Satoh units will first briefly introduce their eDNA research projects and then we will have a roundtable discussion to share our expertise across units.

Seminar by Dr. Hidetaka Nomaki, JAMSTEC

L4E48, Lab 4

Dr. Hidetala Nomaki, Senior Researcher, JAMSTEC

Language: English, no interpretaion