Okinawa Workshop for Computational Mass Spectrometry


2024年6月24日 (月) (All day)


Sydney Brenner Lecture Hall, B250


Focused on non-target LC-MS metabolomics data processing, this workshop is suited for beginners and expert users and software developers. We aim for a high percentage of hands-on lectures.
In person workshop - Free of charge 
DEADLINE to register is the May 1, 2024
Dr. Tomáš Pluskal, IOCB Prague, Czechia      
Dr. Robin Schmid, IOCB Prague, Czechia    

Dr. Tomáš Pluskal, IOCB Prague, Czechia [Link]
Plant specialized metabolism, biosynthesis

Prof. Sebastian Böcker, FSU Jena, Germany [Link]
Bioinformatician, computational mass spectrometry and computational metabolomics

Dr. Louis-Félix Nothias, Université Côte d’Azur, ICN, CNRS, Nice, France [Link]
Experimental & computational mass spectrometry-based metabolomics

Dr. Robin Schmid, IOCB Prague, Czechia [Link]
Food Chemist and Analytical Chemist focussed on computational mass spectrometry
Lead Architect of MZmine       

Dr. Corinna Brungs, IOCB Prague, Czechia [Link]
Pharmacist and Analytical Chemist focused on reference data and plant metabolism

Dr. Tito Damiani, IOCB Prague, Czechia [Link]
Experimental and computational metabolomics, natural product discovery

Roman Bushuiev, IOCB Prague, Czechia [Link]
Machine learning for mass spectrometry


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