Past Events

TAW Donation Collection

2020年6月29日 (月) 8:302020年7月3日 (金) 18:00
CDC Main gate and back entrance

TAW (Teacher Appreciation Week), the main event of PATO, will be held in late summer this year.

PATO will be collecting donations from CDC/SAP parents.

The money will be used to provide some special treats for the teachers and staff for TAW2020.


2020年1月24日 (金) 12:00 13:00
Village Center Ocean View Room

Yoga for parents. Open to all OIST community members. Expecting mothers and children of all ages are welcome, too. Cost: ¥800.

PATO Winter Holiday Party

2020年1月17日 (金) 18:00 20:00
Meeting Room 1 & 3 in the Auditorium Conference Center

Winter Holiday Party, themed activities for children, all OIST families welcome.

Family Movie Event: Spirited Away

2019年12月7日 (土) 14:00 16:00
C209 Center Building

Family Movie Night. Spirited Away. Open to all OIST families.

PATO General Meeting

2019年12月5日 (木) 12:00 13:00
Grano Private Room Level B

PATO General Meeting. Open to CDC and SAP parents and staff. 


PATO General Meeting

2019年9月17日 (火) 12:00
Grano Private Room Level B

There is a General PATO Meeting to elect new committee members for the 2019-2020 term. We will be talking about upcoming events and discussing any current concerns or issues. We hope that you can join us!



PATO General Meeting

2019年4月16日 (火) 12:00 13:00
D013 , Lab1 Level D

We will host a PATO general meeting on April 16th (tue), everyone is welcome to join our meeting!

[time] April 16th (tue), 12:00-13:00

[venue] D013 , Lab1 Level D

If you have any questions about this meeting please email:

Thank you,

PATO Committee Members