Past Events

Workshop: "The Power of Mentoring: It’s All About Relationships"

2018年1月29日 (月) 9:30 11:30
B503, Lab1

"The Power of Mentoring: It’s All About Relationships" workshop is designed to help researchers to become more effective mentors as well as mentees. 


“Advocacy as a viable career for PhDs”

2018年1月10日 (水) 13:00 14:00
C210, Central Building

Join "Career Spotlight" seminar with Dr. Garry McDowell to learn about a rewarding career in Advocacy and Science Policy. Every one is welcome!


Workshop: “Paving the road to independence”

2018年1月10日 (水) 10:00 11:30
C210, Central Building

Recent changes in the international academic research workforce led to re-definition of postdoctoral research independence. Dr. McDowell will provide up-to-date information on the international scientific environment as well as introduce various platforms that can help to foster independent thinking, freedom to define the problem of interest and develop the best approaches to address that problem.


Workshop: “How to get the most out of your postdoc”

2018年1月9日 (火) 13:30 15:00
C210, Central Building

Your PhD taught you how to practice science; your postdoc should be used to develop the skills you need to successfully manage a research plan and a team. What are these important skills? Does the skill set depend on an academic system? This workshop will address these and many other crucial-to-your postdoc questions.  


"STEM Educator - A Rewarding Career for Science PhDs"

2017年12月20日 (水) 12:00 13:00
C016, Lab1

Join "Career Spotlight" seminar with Dr. Parisky to learn about a rewarding career as a STEM educator.

Every one is welcome. CLICK HERE to REGISTER. 

Workshop: "Building exceptional collaborations"

2017年12月13日 (水) 13:30 15:00
B503 - Ctr Bldg

How do you build an exceptional collaboration or team; one that exceeds its goals, is fun to work in and helps everyone involved to grow? Join us in this session to find out how to get started.

Registration is required. Spaces are limited to 30 participants.

To Register CLICK HERE.

Workshop: "Developing Your Leadership Skills as a Researcher"

2017年12月13日 (水) 9:00 11:00
B503 - Ctr Bldg

Leadership skills are key ingredients for your success as a researcher, even before you are officially ‘the boss’. This workshop will introduce you to the behaviours, strategies and characteristics that will help you achieve your leadership potential. 

Everyone is welcome! NO REGISTRATION is required.

Workshop: "Navigating a successful research career"

2017年12月12日 (火) 9:00 12:30
B210 - Ctr Bldg

Planning for success in your research career has never been more important. Join us to learn the strategies and tools to help you find and pursue effectively the career path you want, within or outside academia.

Registration is required. Spaces are limited to 25 participants.

To Register CLICK HERE

Nature Research Academies workshop

2017年11月29日 (水) 13:00 17:00

Learn how to publish in high impact journals and to maximise your impact in the field with Nature Research Academies interactive 1/2 day workshop.

LeanIn Circle Meeting for Postdoctoral Scholars

2017年11月28日 (火) 12:00 13:00

"PhD Women:Work in Progress" is a LeanIn circle that promotes women in leadership by creating a safe and supportive environment where women can get inspired, learn and grow.