Previous Members

Hiyori Mori

Research Intern (2023.8.24-2023.10.23)
Email: hiyori.mori at


Hunter Barbee

Ph.D. Student (Completed in October 2023)
Email: hunter.barbee at


Membranology Unit (Kono Unit) 

Jigyasa Arora, Ph.D.

Technician (2022.9.1-2023.1.31)
Email: Jigyasa.arora at


Tara Helmi Turkki

Rotation Student (2022.1.4-2022.4.30)
Email: tara.turkki at


Yuri Matsui

Technician (2018.6.1-2021.5.31)
Email: yuri.matsui at


Claire Hoa Levitt

Research Intern (2020.10.8-2021.3.4)
Current Position: the University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine,
the Department of Pediatrics, a Professional Research Assistant


Yumiko Masukagami, Ph.D.

Postdoc (2018.11.1-2020.12.31)
Email: yumiko.masukagami at
Current Position: Research Technician at the Husnik Unit



Emily Maria

Rotation Student (2020.1.6-2020.4.30)
Email: maria.emily at
Current Position: OIST Ph.D. student at the Terenzio Unit


Miki Otsuki, MSc

Science Technology Associate
Email: miki.otsuki2 at


Masato Hirota

Rotation Student (2019.9.9-2020.12.27)
Email: masto.hirota at
Current Position: OIST Ph.D. student at the Ishikawa Unit


Munissa Sadykova

Rotation Student (2019.9.9-2020.12.27)
Email: sadykova.munissa at
Current Position: OIST Ph.D. student at the Nic Luscombe Unit


Hu Dongpeng

Rotation Student (2019.5.7-2019.8.31)
Email: at
Current Position: OIST Ph.D. student at the Masai Unit


Xin Allyson Choi Ning

Research Intern (2019.6.10-2019.8.9)
Current Position: Ph.D. student at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore


Aisulu Maipas

Rotation Student (2019.1.4-2019.4.26)
Email: aisulu.maipas at
Current Positoin: OIST Ph.D. Student at the Yamamoto Unit

Christopher Zhu

Research Intern (2019.1.21-2019.4.19)
Current Position: MD student, University of Texas Health San Antonio School of Medicine