4/1/2020, Shinju and Keiko Grant Acquisition

Shinju and Keiko are awarded the kakenhi grant (Shinju: grant-in-aid for early-carrier scientists, Keiko: grant-in-aid for scientific research B). We are grateful for JSPS and reviewers.

4/1/2020, Sara and Miki are moved to Terenzio Unit

Sara and Miki are moved to Terenzio Unit as the laboratory in Lab4 starts operation. You will be missed!

1/21/2020, Emily, Kojiro, Yatzu and Miki Welcome Lunch

We visited Blue lagoon at Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel to welcome new rotation students Emily, Kojiro and Yatzu, as well as a new STA Miki! The lab is expanding. We are thrilled to work with new members!

12/25/2019, Munissa, Jan and Masato Farewell Lunch

Lab lunch at the Orange, Kafuu hotel, to say good-bye to the rotation students. Munissa, Jan and Masato, you guys were exceptionally productive! We really enjoyed working with you. Thank you!!



10/18/2019, Munissa, Jan and Masato Welcome Lunch

We went out to have welcome lunch at Moon beach hotel. This term, we host three talented and highly motivated rotation students, Munissa, Jan and Masato. The lab is full of energy!

8/8/2019, Allyson Intern Last Day

Today is Allyson's last day. She showed her talent not only as an experimentalist but as an illustrator! She made pretty bookmarks for us. Thank you Allyson, we will follow up your beautiful results to finish up a paper. Best of the luck with your Ph.D. life!

7/11/2019, Allyson and Shinju Welcome Lunch

We went out to have a welcome lunch for intern student Allyson and postdoc Shinju. It was all you can eat sushi. Fantastic!

7/1/ 2019, Yohsuke Kakenhi Grant Acquisition

Dr. Yohsuke Moriyama is awarded the Kakenhi grant, Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Research (Exploratory). Congrats Yohsuke! 


5/23/2019, Dongpeng Welcome Lunch

We had a welcome lunch for rotation student Dongpeng. He will work on senescence in mice. Welcome Dongpeng, let's have fun together!