Previous Members

Membranology Unit (Kono Unit) 

Hu Dongpeng

Rotaton Student (2019.5.7-2019.8.31)
Email: at
Current Position: OIST Ph.D. student


Xin Allyson Choi Ning

Research Intern (2019.6.10-2019.8.9)
Current Position: Ph.D. student at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore


Aisulu Maipas

Rotation Student (2019.1.4-2019.4.26)
Email: aisulu.maipas at
Current Positoin: OIST Ph.D. Student

Christopher Zhu

Research Intern (2019.1.21-2019.4.19)
Current Position: MD student, University of Texas Health San Antonio School of Medicine