Seminar "Influence of bubbles on the hydrodynamic loading of marine structures" by Dr. Céline Gabillet


2023年12月11日 (月) 16:00 17:00





   Dr. Céline Gabillet

Associate Professor (Fluid. Mech.)
French Naval Academy /Ecole Navale



Many bubbles are present in the ocean, particularly in the upper ocean. Most of them result from the entrapment of air within breaking waves. Generally-speaking, bubbles accumulate in areas of the flow where the pressure is minimum. By this way, bubbles can interact with solid bodies immersed in the ocean.  They can have an impact on marine structures, immersed at low submergence such as propulsive systems and marine renewable energy systems. In particular, bubbles can modify the vibrations of marine structures under flow excitation and the hydrodynamic loading of these structures. When these marine structures are designed, engineers generally use models, perform experiments or numerical simulations, under single-phase flow conditions (without bubbles), which can lead to errors in evaluating their performance.

This seminar aims at pointing out the bubble-induced changes in hydrodynamic loadings of immersed structures. In this presentation, we will also discuss about the interest of injecting bubbles for some applications in marine engineering: in particular, bubbles can contribute to reduce the greenhouse gases emission of boats by reducing their hull's resistance. 


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C. Gabillet received a M.Sc. with a French ‘Grand Ecole’ Engineering Diploma and a PhD degree in fluid mechanics from ENSEEIHT, National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse France. Since September 2002, she was recruited as an Assistant Professor and then as an Associate Professor by the Engineering School of Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology.  She carries out her research and teaching activities at the French Naval Academy (FNA) in Brest, France.

Her current research topics include bubbly ventilated and cavitating flows and fluid structure interactions for naval hydrodynamics.  In particular, she is interested in flow-induced vibrations control by piezo-electric systems and in flow control by bubbles injection and special surface coating.  


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