OIST-RIKEN Joint Workshop on Prediction Science


2023年12月20日 (水) 13:152023年12月22日 (金) 15:00


Sydney Brenner Lecture Theater, B250, Center Bldg.




This workshop, jointly hosted by RIKEN Pioneering Projects "Prediction for Science" and OIST, aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between OIST and RIKEN researchers. It provides a platform to share their latest discoveries related to "Prediction Science", focusing on its mathematical foundations like data assimilation, topological data analysis, artificial intelligence, as well as its practical applications in weather forecasting, tsunami prediction, prediction in biology and medical science, etc.

For more details and poster presentation application, please visit the event website.


  • Prediction Science Laboratory, RIKEN
  • Data Assimilation Research Team, RIKEN
  • Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program, RIKEN
  • Disaster Resilience Science Team, RIKEN
  • Environmental Metabolic Analysis Research Team, RIKEN
  • Computational Climate Science Research Team, RIKEN
  • Medical Data Deep Learning Team, RIKEN
  • Medical Data Mathematical Reasoning Team, RIKEN
  • Laboratory for Physical Biology, RIKEN
  • Fluid Mechanics Unit, OIST
  • Machine Learning and Data Science Unit, OIST
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