OIST Mini Symposium "Voltage Imaging Symposium"


2018年10月19日 (金) 9:002018年10月21日 (日) 18:00


OIST Seminar Room C209


Voltage imaging of single neurons and network activity with cellular resolution is still one of the holy grails in neuroscience: Voltage imaging would allow to make electrical activity of neurons visible and thereby allow to follow neuronal computations in real time. Currently available methods (imaging ofneuronal calcium concentration changes) allows us to follow neuronal activity on a 50 ms time scale. However, electrical activity in our brain acts on a 1 ms time scale. Therefore, it is expected that we miss a lot of events when we only look at the slower time scale.

This mini symposium will bring together some of the top scientists of the voltage imaging community, offering an important platform to hear about the progress in the field around the world, as well as the the opportunity to discuss remaining problems.

Invited Speakers:

  • Srdjan D. Antic, University of Connecticut Health
  • Dejan P. Zecevic, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Takashi Tominaga, Tokushima Bunri University
  • Sachiko Tsuda, Saitama University
  • Bradley J. Baker, KIST
  • Yuki Sudo, Okayama University
  • Lawrence B. Cohen, KIST and Yale University
  • Yuki Bando, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine


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Voltage Imaging Symposium (Bernd Kuhn)
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