OIST Mini Symposium "New development in Teichmuller space theory"


2017年11月28日 (火) (All day)2017年11月30日 (木) (All day)


OIST Main Campus, Seminar Room C210


Theory of Teichmuller space has a long history for the moduli space of Riemann surface. Recently beyond classical Teichmuller space research, new extended concept and technique are developed and they are important for various areas of mathematical physics. Particularly higher Teichmuller space attracts interest, which concerns SL(n,R) geometry and its boundary. In this mini symposium, we concentrate on the new concept and technique and discuss from wide point of view of topology, physics and integrable systems. For examples, the cluster algebra and open intersection numbers are discussed closely. We intend to develop a theory for new structure of Teichmuller space in a new direction of mathematical physics.

Invited speakers:
A. Alekseev, Geneve Univ.
L. Chekhov, Steklov Math. Inst,
V. Fock, Strasbourg Univ.
R. Inoue, Chiba Univ.
R. Kashaev, Geneve Univ.
T. Kitayama, Univ. of Tokyo
A. Kuniba, Univ. of Tokyo

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Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Unit (Shinobu Hikami, professor)
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