Current Advances in Turbulence and multiphase flowS - 24CATS


2024年4月16日 (火) (All day)2024年4月19日 (金) (All day)


4/16 Seminar Room B250 (Main Campus); 4/17-4/19 Seaside House - Seminar Room


Turbulent flows are ubiquitous in nature and industrial applications. They are, however, notoriously difficult to predict, owing to the non-linear and multiscale dynamics at play. Despite over a century of intensive efforts, understanding turbulent flow of simple fluids remains the last unsolved problem of classical physics. The situation is further complicated when considering multiphase flows. Indeed, turbulent fluctuations can profoundly affect the dynamics of the dispersed phase, which in turn, can modulate the turbulent flow in complex and sometimes unpredictable ways. Multiphase turbulent flows are commonly found in many environmental processes (e.g., seed/pollutant/microplastics dispersal) and engineering applications (e.g., combustion or papermaking). In sufficiently dilute conditions, it is often assumed that the flow is not appreciably altered by the presence of the dispersed phase. By contrast, in the non-dilute condition, a significant alteration of the turbulent flow in its qualitative and quantitative features can occur, with potentially dramatic consequences, e.g., on the energy distribution across the various scales of motion, or drag enhancement/reduction effects. Understanding the essential mechanisms governing the modulation of multiphase turbulence, therefore, represents a subject of paramount importance, both at a fundamental level and in view of numerous applications. This workshop will gather world experts in turbulence and multiphase flows to discuss the most recent advancements in the two fields, promote the exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge, and seed future collaborations.

Marco E. Rosti, OIST
Mahesh Bandi, OIST
Pinaki Chakraborty, OIST

Day 1 (April 16) - Main Campus, Sydney Brenner Lecture Theater (Seminar Room B250)
Days 2-4 (April 17-19) - Seaside House, Seminar Room

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Marco E. Rosti (Complex Fluids and Flows Unit)
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2023年12月31日 (日) 23:45

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