Seminar: Evolutionary predictions from biophysical models by Prof. Michael Laessig, University of Cologne


2018年7月5日 (木) 13:30 14:30


C209, Centre Building


Prof. Michael Laessig, University of Cologne

Predictions of future evolutionary processes have recently been developed for a number of systems, including fast-evolving pathogens and cancer populations. The biophysics of molecular host-pathogen interactions has proven to be an informative basis for predictions. Biophysical phenotypes can be learned from time-resolved sequence data and can be built into fitness models for predictions of pathogen evolution and host response. Conversely, successful predictions can improve our understanding of the underlying cell biology. I will discuss case studies of evolutionary predictions, including the human influenza virus, and I will attempt to distill emerging concepts for predictive analysis of fast-evolving systems. 

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