2014年3月28日 (金) 16:00
Laboratory Accident Drill is planned for the first time at OIST in conjunction with the Fire Drill. Please participate the event at least one person form each unit or section. Thank you.


2020年2月26日 (水) 14:00

Presenter: Mr. Shohei Takaoka

Supervisor: Professor Tadashi Yamamoto

Co-Supervisor: Professor Hiroaki Kitano


2020年2月18日 (火) 14:00

Presenter: Mr. Ankur Dhar

Supervisor: Professor Tsumoru Shintake

Co-Supervisor: Professor Nic Shannon


2020年2月12日 (水) 14:00

PhD thesis public presentation by Mr. Han Yan

Supervisor: Professor Nic Shannon

Co-Supervisor: Professor Hirotaka Sugawara

Audience: OIST students and researchers


2020年2月26日 (水) 9:00

PhD Thesis Presentation



2020年1月22日 (水) 16:00

Speaker: Prof. Séraphin

Affiliation: University of Strasbourg

Audient: OIST students and reserchers



2020年1月25日 (土) 18:00

We  will be having  Malaysian Kitchen with "Rendang Beef Curry". The chef will be Jesse Everett. The class will be on 25th January on Saturday at 6 pm in the Community Kitchen. Kindly confirm your availability until 21st January for placing the order.


2020年1月21日 (火) 11:00

TitleOn the many dimensions of Dynamic Programming based Reinforcement Learning algorithms

Speaker: Prof. Bruno Scherrer

Affiliation: Probability and Statistics team of IECL, at université de Lorraine


2020年1月21日 (火) 9:45

Title: Sample-efficient Reinforcement Learning for Real-world Robot Control

Speaker: Prof. Matsubara Takamitsu

Affiliation: Nara Institute of Science and Technology


2020年1月8日 (水) 15:00

Title: Selection bias may be adjusted when sample size is negative

Speaker: Prof. Hidetoshi Shimodaira

Affiliation:  Kyoto University