New job openings!

We have multiple job openings for postdoctoral researchers. Inquires to

Cajal Behavior of Neural Systems

In July, the group decamped to Lisbon to help lead the Cajal Course in Behavior of Neural Systems. Join us in 2020 for the next iteration!

Visitors and new adventures for Momoko!

Theoretical biophysicists Thierry Mora, Aleksandra Walczak and their beautiful daugher Helena visit the group (though only Thierry and Aleks gave talks ;).  An opporunity also to wish a fond farewell to our wonderful research administrator, Momoko Phelan, as she prepares for new adventures beyond Okinawa.

Ray defends his proposal!

Dinner after the defense with Prof. Bernd Kuhn (co-supervisor), members of the Optical Neuroimaging Unit and Prof. Michael Berry II (external examiner, Princeton University).

New Biophysics Funding

Professor Greg Stephens and a team of Dutch researchers are awarded research funding totaling 2.45 Million Euro to study the physical origins of behavioral variability in the nematode C. elegans.