Super-resolution & Lightsheet microscope

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Super-resolution microscope
Maker: Zeiss
Model: ELYRA PS1


2D and 3D SIM (Structured IlluMination), 2D PALM (Photoactivated Localization Microscopy) / STORM (STochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy) and direct STORM, TIRF illumination Epifluorescence, Multi-color imaging, Large image (stitching), Z stack, Time-lapse and live imaging (stage top incubator)

Laser: 405, 488, 561, 642

Objective: 10x/0.45 Plan-Apo WD 2.1, 20x/0.5 EC Plan-Neofluar WD 2.0, 63x/1.40 Oil Plan-Apo WD 0.19, 100x/1.46 Oil α-Plan-Apo WD 0.10

Camera: x2 EMCCD (Andor iXon 897 and iXon 885)

Super-resolution microscope
Maker: Nikon


2D and 3D SIM, 2D and 3D PALM / STORM and direct STORM, TIRF illumination, Epifluorescence, Multi-color imaging, Large image (stitching), Z stack, Live and time-lapse (stage top invubator), 2D and 3 D deconvolution.

Laser: SIM 488, 561, 642. STORM/TIRF/A1 402, 488, 561, 647.

Objective: 10x/0.45 CFI-Plan Apoλ, 20x/0.75 Plan-Apo, 40x/0.95 Plan-Apoλ, 60x/1.40 Oil CFI Apoλ, 100x/1.49 Oil SR Apo (60x/1.27 W SR Plan Apo, 100x/1.49 SR Apo)

Camera: EMCCD (Axio iXon3 DU897E)

Detector: x2 MA PMT, x2 GaAsp, x1 T-PMT

Super-resolution microscope
Maker: Leica
Model: TCS SP8 STED3x Falcon FLIM


2D and 3D STED (Stimulated emission depletion),  Z stack, Fast imaging (resonant scanner) , Live and time-lapse (stage top incubator), Multi-color imaging, Spectral imaging (unmixing), 2D and 3 D deconvolution, Falcon FLIM, Lightning

Laser: 405CW, 440 Pulsed , 442CW, and 470-670 Pulsed Excitation / 592 CW, 660 CW, and 775 Pulsed STED

Objective: 10x/0.4 Plan Apo WD 2.2 (506407), 20x/0.75 IMM Plan Apo WD 0.67 (506343), 40x/1.10 W Plan Apo WD 0.65 (506357), 40x/1.30 Oil Plan Apo WD 0.22 (506358), 63x/1.40 Oil Plan Apo WD 0.14 (506350), 100x/1.40 Oil Plan Apo STED WHITE WD 0.13 (506378), 25x/0.95 W Fluotarl WD 2.4 (506375), 5x/0.15 Fluotar WD 13.7 (506224), 93x/1.30 Gly PL APO WD 0.30 (506417)

Detector: x3 HyD,x2 MA-PMT,x1 T-PMT

Super-resolution microscope
Maker: Olympus
Model: SD-OSR


2D and 3D Super resolution, Spinning desk confocal, Z stack, Fast, time-lapse and live imaging (stage top incubator).  

Laser: 405, 488, 561, 642

Objective: 10x/0.40 UPlanSApo, 20x/0.75 UPlanSApo, 40x/0.95 UPlanSApo, 60x/1.40 Oil / PlanApo N, 100x/1.49 Oil UApo N, 100x/1.35 Sil UPlanSApo, 60x/1.30 Sil UPlanSApo, 20x/0.70 UCPlanFL N

Camera: x1 ORCA Flash 4.0

Super-resolution microscope
Maker: Zeiss
Model: LSM 880 Airyscan


2D and 3D super resolution (Airyscan and Airyscan Fast), Multi-color imaging, Large imaging (stitching), Z stack, Live and time-lapse imaging (stage top incubator and incubator box), Spectral imaging (unmixing), FCS (Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy), Photon Counting.

Laser: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 633

Objective: 10x/0.45 Plan-Apo WD 2.1, 20x/0.80 Plan-Apo WD 0.55, 40x/1.30 Plan-Apo Oil WD 0.2, 63x/1.40 Plan-Apo Oil WD 0.19, 100x/1.46 α-Plan-Apo Oil WD 0.10, 25x/0.8 LD LCI Plan-Apo WD 0.57, 40x/1.2 LD LCI Plan-Apo WD 0.41, 63x/1.2 LD LCI Plan Apo WD 0.49, 40x/1.2 W C-Apo WD 0.28.

Detector: x2 MA PMT, x1 GaAsp PMT (Spectral imaging), x1 T-PMT, x1 Airyscan detector

Lightsheet microscope
Maker: Zeiss
Model: Lightsheet Z.1


Multi-color imaging, Large image (stitching), Fast imaging, Live and time-laps imaging (incubator), Light sheet illumination, 3D deconvolution.

Laser: 405, 445, 488, 514, 561, 638

Objective: Illumination  5x/0.1 LSFM,  10x/0.2 LSFM Clearing, Detection: 5x/0.16 EC Plan-Neofuar WD 18.5, 10x/0.5 W Plan Apochomat WD 3.7, 20x/1.0 W Plan-Apochomat WD 2.4, 20x/1.0 ClrPlan-Neofuar WD 5.6.   

Camera: x2 sCMOS