Light microscope

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Laser: 405CW, 440 Pulsed, 442CW, 470-670 Pulsed Excitation / 592 CW, 660 CW, and 775 Pulsed STED

Objective: 10x/0.4 Plan Apo WD 2.2 (506407),  20x/0.75 IMM Plan Apo WD0.67 (506343),  40x/1.10 W Plan Apo WD0.65 (506357),  40x/1.30 Oil Plan Apo WD0.22 (506358),  63x/1.40 Oil Plan Apo WD0.14 (506350),  100x/1.40 Oil Plan Apo STED WHITE WD0.13 (506378)

25x/0.95 W Fluotarl WD2.4 (506375), 5x/0.15 Fluotar WD13.7 (506224), 93x/1.30 Gly PL APO WD0.30 (506417)

Detector: x3 HyD,x2 MA-PMT,x1 T-PMT

Software: LAS-X / Win10, LASX Navigator, Lightning,

Falcon FLIM, Stagetop Incubator, Adaptive Focus Control, Huygens Deconvolution

Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan  (Confocal)

Laser: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 633

Objective: 10x/0.45 Plan-Apo WD2.1,  20x/0.80 Plan-Apo WD0.55,  40x/1.30 Oil Plan-Apo WD0.2,  63x/1.40 Oil Plan-Apo WD0.19,  40x/1.2W C-Apo WD0.28,  5x/0.25 Flur WD12.5

25x/0.8 W-O LD LCI PlanApo WD0.57,  40x/1.2 W-G LD LCI PlanApo WD0.41,  63x/1.2 G-O LD LCI Plan Apo WD0.49,  100x/1.46 Oil αPlanApo WD0.1,  20x/0.5 EC Plan-Neofluar WD2.0, 20x/0.8 Plan-Apo WD0.55,  40x/1.2 W C-Apo WD0.28,  63x/1.4 Oil Plan-Apo WD0.19,  40x/0.75 EC Plan-Neofluar WD0.71,  10x/0.45 PlanApo WD2.1,  10x/0.3 EC Plan-Neofluar WD5.2, 10x 0.3 EC Plan-Neofluar WD5.2,  10x 0.3 EC Plan-Neofluar WD5.2, 5x 0.15 EC Plan-Neofluar WD13.6, 5x 0.16 Plan-Apo WD12.1

Detector: x2 MA PMT, x1 GaAsp PMT (Spectral imaging), x1 T-PMT, x1 Airyscan

Filter for Airyscan: 420-475, 465-505, 500-545, 500-610, 525LP,  575-615, 575LP, 605LP, 655LP 

Software: ZEN 2.3 SP1 Black / Win7, ZEN2.3 desk Blue / Windows Embeded Standard

 Airyscan FAST, FCS, Experiment Designer, Stagetop Incubator

Zeiss LSM900 (Confocal)

Laser: 405, 488, 561, 640

Objective: 10x/0.3 EC Plan Neofluar WD5.2,  20x/0.80 Plan-Apo WD0.55,  63x/1.40 Oil Plan-Apo WD0.19,  40x/1.2W C-Apo WD0.28,  5x/0.16 Plan-Apochromat WD12.2

Detector: x2 MA PMT, x1 GaAsp PMT, x1 ESID (T-PMT)

Software: ZEN Blue 3.8 / Win10

Experiment Designer, Stage Insert for four slides

Zeiss LSM780  (Confocal)

Laser: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 633

Objective: 10x/0.45 Plan-ApoWD2.1,  20x/0.80 Plan-Apo WD0.55,  40x/1.40 Oil Plan-Apo WD0.13,  63x/1.46 Oil α-Plan-Apo WD0.10,  100x/1.46 Oil α-Plan-Apo WD0.10,  40x/1.20 W C-Apo WD0.28

Detector: x2 MA PMT, x1 GaAsp PMT (Spectral imaging), x1 T-PMT

Software: ZEN 2011 SP7 black / Win7

FCS (Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy), Stagetop Incubatior, Definete Focus

Zeiss LSM710  (Confocal & Multiphoton)

Laser: 458, 488, 514, 543, 633, 690 - 1064

Objective: 10x/0.3 EC Plan-Neofluar WD5.2, 20x/0.4 LD Plan-Neofluar WD8.4,  40x/0.95 Plan-Apo WD0.25,  63x/1.46 Oil α-Plan-Apo WD0.10,  20x/0.5 W N-Achroplan WD2.6,  40x/1.0 W Plan-Apo WD2.3

Detector: x3 MA PMT (1 for Spectral imaging), x1 T-PMT, x3 NDD (Center 420-475nm, Right 500-550nm, Left 565-610nm BP filter)

Software: ZEN 2012 SP5 black / Win7


Laser: 405, 488, 561, 642

Objective: 10x/0.45 Plan-Apo WD2.1,  20x/0.5 EC Plan-Neofluar WD2.0,  63x/1.40 Oil Plan-Apo WD0.19,  100x/1.46 Oil α-Plan-Apo WD0.10

Camera: x2 EMCCD (Andor iXon 897 for PALM and iXon 885 for SIM)

Software: ZEN 2011 Black / Win7

Stagetop Incubator

Zeiss Lightsheet Z1 

Laser: 405, 445, 488, 514, 561, 638

Filter: DAPI 420-470, CFP 460-500, GFP 505-545, YFP 525-565, Cy3 575-615, mCherry 585LP, DRAQ5 660LP

Objective: Illumination  5x/0.1 LSFM,  10x/0.2 LSFM Clearing, Detection 5x/0.16 EC Plan-Neofuar WD18.5 (for Water & Clearing),  10x/0.5 W Plan Apochomat WD3.7 (for Water),  20x/1.0 W Plan-Apochomat WD2.4 (for Water),  20x/1.0 G ClrPlan-Neofuar WD5.6 (for Clearing). 

Camera: x2 sCMOS

Software: ZEN 2014 SP1 Black / Win7

Stage Incubator, System for water (RI 1.33) or clearing regents (RI 1.45), Imaging of white light illumination 

Nikon A1R  (Confocal)

Laser: 405, 445, 488, 514, 561, 594, 640

Objective: 4x/0.2 PlanApoλ WD20, 10x/0.45 PlanApoλ WD4.0,  20x/0.75 PlanApoVC WD1.0,  60x/1.49 Oil ApoTIRF WD 0.12,  100x/1.49 Oil ApoTIRF WD0.12

10x/0.3 LUPlanFluor WD17.5,  10x/0.5 G PlanApo WD5.5,  20x/0.95 W λSApoLWD WD0.95, 40x/0.95 W PlanApoλ WD0.25-0.17,  60x/1.27 W PlanApoIR WD0.18-0.16,  100x/1.45 Oil PlanApoλ WD0.13

Detector: x2 MA PMT, x2 GaAsp, x1 T-PMT

Software: NIS 6.01.00 / Win10, Deconvolution, Denoising

Resonant Scanner, Perfect Focus, Stagetop Incubator

Nikon A1  (Confocal)

Laser: 405, 445, 488, 514, 561, 640

Objective: 10x/0.45 PlanApoλ WD4.0,  20x/0.8 PlanApoλD WD0.8,  40x/0.95 PlanApoλ WD0.25-0.17,  60x/1.42 Oil PlanApoλD WD0.15,  100x/1.49 Oil SRP ApoTIRF WD0.12, 4x/0.2 PlanApoλ WD20

40x/1.25 S λSPlanApo WD0.3, 60x/1.40 Oil WD0.14,  100x/1.45 Oil PlanApoTIRF WD0.13

Detector: x2 MA PMT, x2 GaAsp, x1 T-PMT

Software: NIS 6.01.00 / Win10, Deconvolution, Denoising

Perfect Focus, Stagetop Incubatior

Nikon Spining Disk

Laser: 405, 445, 488, 561

Filter: Epifluorescence DAPI (361-389 415 430-490), GFP-B (460-500 505 510-560), TRITC (542/20 570 620/20), Spining Disk DAPI (Em 435-485), FITC (Em 515-555), TRITC (Em 590-650), DAPI-FITC-TRITC-Cy5 (Peak Em 446 523 600 677), CFP (Em 460-500), EM535/30 (Em 520-550), Cy5HYQ (Em 663-738)   

Objective: 10x/0.45 PlanApoλ WD4.0,  40x/1.3 Oil PlanFluor WD0.2,  60x/1.4 Oil λSApo WD0.14, 40x/1.15 W λSApoLWD WD0.61-0.59,  4x/0.13 PlanPluor WD16.5,  20x 0.75 Apoλ WD1.0

Camera: iXon Ultra DU888U3 (Spining Disk), DS-Qi2 (Epifluorescence, Black & White)

Software: NIS 5.01.00 / Win7, Deconvolution

Yokogawa CSU-W1 (25 μm Pinhole), Perfect Focus

Nikon N-SIM / N-STORM / A1 (Confocal)

Laser: SIM 488, 561, 642. STORM/TIRF/A1 402, 488, 561, 647.

Objective: 10x/0.45 CFI-Plan Apoλ WD4.0, 20x/0.75 Plan-Apo WD1.0, 40x/0.95 Plan-Apoλ WD0.25-0.17, 60x/1.40 Oil Apo WD0.14, 100x/1.49 Oil SR ApoTIRF WD0.12

40x/1.25 W Apo WD0.20-0.16,  60x/1.27 W SR Plan ApoIR WD0.18

Camera: x1 EMCCD (Axio iXon3 DU897E for SIM・STORM)

Detector: x2 MA PMT, x2 GaAsp, x1 T-PMT

Software: NIS 5.11.00 / Win7, Deconvolution

Stagetop Incubator

Olympus Spinning Disk - OSR

Laser: 405, 488, 561, 642

Objective: 10x/0.40 UPlanSApo WD3.1,  20x/0.75 UPlanSApo WD0.6,  30x/1.05 S UPlanSApo WD0.8,  40x/1.25 S UPlanSApo WD0.3,  60x/1.30 S UPlanSApo WD0.3,  100x/1.35 S UPlanSApo WD0.2

20x/0.7 UCPlanFL N WD1.8-0.8,  20x/0.75 UPlanSApo WD0.6,  40x/0.95 UPlanSApo WD0.18,  60x/1.40 Oil PlanApoN WD0.12, 100x/1.40 Oil UPlanSApo WD0.13, 100x/1.49 Oil UApoN WD0.1

Camera: x1 Prim BSI

Software: MetaMorph / Win7, Deconvolution

Stagetop Incubator

Nikon Ti-E TIRF 3 CCD camera

Laser: 405, 488, 561, 640

Objective: 10x/0.45 PlanApoλ WD4.0,  60x/1.45 Oil PlanApoTIRF WD0.13

Camera: x3 EMCCD (Andor iXon Ultra DU-897U)

Software: NIS 4.60.00 / Win7

Perfect Focus, Stagetop Incubator

Nikon Ni-E (2)  (Widefield epifluorescence)

Filter: DAPI (340-380 400 425LP), GFP-B (460-500 505 510-560), TxRed (540-580 595 600-660), Cy5 (630/38 665 694/44)

Objective: 4x/0.13 PlanFluor WD16.5,  10x/0.45 PlanApoλ WD4.0,  20x/0.75 PlanApoλ WD1.0,  40x/0.95 PlanApoλ WD0.25-0.17,  60x/1.40 Oil PlanApoλ WD0.13, 100x/1.45 Oil PlanApoλ WD0.13

Camera: DS-Qi1Mc (Black & White), DS-Ri-2 (Colour)

Software: NIS 5.01.00 / Win10, Deconvolution.

Nikon Ni-E (1)  (Widefield epifluorescence) 

Filter: DAPI (340-380 400 425-485), TRITC (540/25 565 605/55), Cy5 (630/38 665 694/44)

Objective: 10x/0.3 PlanApo WD17.5,  60x/1.40 Oil PlanApoλ WD0.13, 100x/0.9 LUPlanFluor WD1.0

Camera: ORCA Flash 4.0 (Black & White)

Software: NIS 4.30.01 / Win7

Dark-field condensers

Nikon Ti2  (Widefield epifluorescence)

Filter: DAPI U (383-408 425 435-485)GFP-B (460-500 505 510-560)TxRed (540-580 595 600-660), Cy5 (630/38 655 694/44)

Objective: 10x/0.3 PlanFluor WD16.0,  20x / 0.75 PlanApoλ WD1.0,  40x/0.95 PlanApoλ WD0.25,  100x/1.45 Oil PlanApoλ WD0.13,  2x/0.1 PlanApoλ WD8.5,  4x/0.2 PlanApoλ WD20.0

Camera: DS-Ri2 (Colour), DS-Qi2 (Black & White)

Software: NIS 5.41.00 / Win10

Nikon Ti-U  (Widefield epifluorescence)

Filter: DAPI-U (C176028)GFP (469/35 497 525/39)TRITC (542/20 570 620/52) 

Objective: 4x/0.13 PlanFluor WD17.2,  10x/0.25 WD6.2, 20x/0.45 SPlanFluor WD8.2-6.9

Nikon SMZ-25  (Stereo epifluorescence)

Filter: DAPI-U (MXK33221)GFP-B(454-496 510 508-554), RFP(530-560 575 593-643) 

Objective: 1x PlanApo WD60

Camera: DigitalSight10 (Colour)

Software: NIS 5.42.01 / Win10

Realtime EDF

Nikon SMZ-18  (Stereo epifluorescence)

Filter: DAPI-U (MXK33221), GFP-B (460-500 510 510-560), RFP (530-560 570 590-650) 

Objective: 1x PlanApo WD60 

Camera: DS-Fi3 (Colour)

Software: NIS 4.60.00 / Win10