Advanced Bioimaging Support Platform

OIST Imaging Section is a member of ABiS

ABiS provides support for research tasks that require cutting-edge and/or special observation technologies as well as training for general technologies. 


"Advanced Bioimaging Support"   

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas
― Platforms for Advanced Technologies and Research Resources 
(FY2016 - 2021) Leader : Masanobu KANO(NIPS / UTokyo)

FY2017 Schedule at OIST

​FY2017 workshop


Past activities at OIST

1.  Light Microscopy Training Workshop (closed)     Feb 23, 24, 2017
​A lecture and hands-on demonstrations of super-resolution microscopes. 
Lecturer: Dr. Yasushi Okada (Riken QBiC/Osaka Univ./Univ. Tokyo)
A lecture and discussion about microscopy training. 
Lecturer: Dr. Tokuko Haraguchi (NICT), Dr. Yasushi Hiraoka (Osaka Univ.) 
Total number of participants: 14 
Cooperation: Carl Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Olympus