Student Support

The student support package ensures that your basic needs are met. The practical needs of your life in Okinawa are taken care of so that you can concentrate on research in a supportive environment.

Financial Support

Students in the Ph.D. program are expected to engage full-time in advanced study and research. Financial support is about 3.0 million yen per year including the amount equivalent to tuition fee , which is sufficient to ensure a comfortable standard of living (however, if a student is awarded for a tuition waiver, the amount equivalent to tuition fee is not provided).  Provision for domestic and international travel to attend conferences and educational institutions are budgeted separately.

While the university guarantees a financial support package, students are strongly encouraged to apply for external fundings. In order to reward success, the financial support provided by the university will be used to supplement external fellowships, up to a maximum of 3.6 million yen total if a student is not awarded for a tuition waiver, or up to 3.0 million yen total if a student is awarded for a tuition waiver at the same time.


OIST has a Health Center and clinic. If necessary, the clinic refers students to local health services. Excellent hospitals and clinics are available in Okinawa, and assistance with English and other languages is available.  Also, OIST has a Ganjuu Wellbeing Service. They provide support for maintaining physical and mental health. All OIST students have Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai) and Liability Insurance coupled with “Gakkensai” coverage. 


The OIST Child Development Center (CDC) provides excellent on-campus early childhood care at the Tedako Preschool.  After-school and holiday care programs for school-age children are also offered.


Subsidized accommodation is provided in an area called the Campus Village, which is situated on a lake and surrounded by natural forest on a hillside overlooking subtropical beaches. Most students are housed in twin-share apartments that include separate bedrooms, kitchen, and living rooms, although students may also choose from single or family apartments if their circumstances require. Housing is located a short walk from amenities and close to the laboratory buildings. The apartments are all architecturally designed with stunning sea views and are only a 5-minute walk from a beautiful beach.

Student rents for a furnished apartment are curently: single occupancy apartment - monthly rent 21,600 yen, annual rent 259,200 yen; two room apartment shared by two students - monthly rent 18,000 yen per person, annual rent 216,000 yen per person. Unfurnished units will be available at a discount. Students in the OIST doctoral program are expected to stay on campus for at least the first year of their program.


Our policy is to prevent any hindrance to students realizing their full potential as researchers, and computing support is no exception.  OIST provides a sophisticated and powerful research computing environment, to which students have full access. Students loan their personal computers and software to meet their educational and research needs. 

Assistance with Visa Requirements

The student affairs section provides assistance with student visa applications (supporting documents, offer of a place, Certificate of Eligibility). Accepted international students must obtain a valid visa themselves, normally by going to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their home country, prior to traveling to OIST and registering as a student. Students who do not have a valid student visa cannot be registered.  Students needing assistance must contact the student affairs section at least three months prior to registration dates. 

Recreational, Cultural, and Social Activities

The student affairs section supports the welfare of students by organizing and facilitating recreational, cultural, and social activities.

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