Seminar by Prof. Takayanagi "Shadows of Entanglement Wedges in AdS/CFT"


Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 11:00 to 12:00


C016, Lab 1 Level C


Speaker: Prof. Tadashi Takayanagi

Affiliation: Yukawa Institu te for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

Title: Shadows of Entanglement Wedges in AdS/CFT


We present a new method of deriving the geometry of entanglement wedges in hol ography directly from conformal field theories (CFTs). We analyze an informati on metric called the Bures metric of reduced density matrices for locally exci ted states. This measures distinguishability of states with different points e xcited. For a subsystem given by an interval, we precisely reproduce the expec ted entanglement wedge for two dimensional holographic CFTs from the Bures met ric, which turns out to be proportional to the AdS metric on a time slice. On the other hand, for free scalar CFTs, we do not find any sharp structures like  entanglement wedges. When a subsystem consists of disconnected two intervals we manage to reproduce the expected entanglement wedge from holographic CFTs w ith correct phase transitions, up to a very small error, from a quantity alter native to the Bures metric.


Tadashi Takayanagi is a professor at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics,  Kyoto University. After he completed his Ph.D. in Tokyo University in 2002, h e worked for four years as a postdoc at Harvard and KITP, UCSB. He was an assi stant professor at Kyoto University and an associate professor in Kavli IPMU, Tokyo University, before he moved to his current position in 2012. He has been  awarded the New Horizons in Physics Prize in 2014 and the Nishina Memorial Pr ize in 2016 on the discovery of holographic formula of entanglement entropy.

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