Student Initiative Program

Give today. Support science for a better future.

The Student Initiative Program at OIST is a vehicle to provide students with an opportunity for growth, enabling them to engage in activities that enrich our community beyond research and aim to connect and integrate everyone into this beautiful island community. Your donation will empower students in their initiatives to contribute to the OIST and local communities and Okinawa at large.

Upper left: Students as mentors to local high school students
Upper right: Student giving a demo of smart phone robot at OIST Science Festival
Lower left: Student volunteering for Children's School of Science at Onna Public School
Lower right: Students leading TEDxOIST series
Lower middle: Tea Time Social


Areas/Projects your contribution will support:

  • Cultural and social outreach activities for the local community
  • Off-campus travel enabling participation in Okinawan and Japanese cultural events
  • Bicycle rental services (maintenance and insurance) for an eco-friendly Okinawa
  • Registration fees to engage in local training programs, such as Entrepreneurship Training for our students
  • Writers, editors, and publishing cost for the student-run magazine Kuroshio
  • Purchase of new equipment for OIST members to utilize with their club activities or to be used in the creation of new club interests and sports activities
  • Student Council activities