Legacy Giving

Give today. Support science for a better future.

Legacy Gifts

Would you like to entrust your will to the future of science and technology? Leave your legacy for the well-being of people from Okinawa to the world through giving to OIST. 

Your legacy gift will be a part of OIST’s endeavors to create new knowledge in science and technology and to pass it on for the benefit of humanity through generations. It will be a legacy for OIST to contribute to Okinawa, Japan, and the world as we pursue world-class scientific research and technological breakthroughs.

Legacy gifts may come in various forms: bequest, inheritance, or memorial contribution.

If you are kindly considering leaving a legacy to OIST, please feel free to contact us so we can provide more detailed information or introduce financial institutions for professional advice. 

Bequest gift

Leave your legacy by including OIST in your will.

Inheritance gift

Extend the benefits of an inheritance, remember the one who left you an estate gift, by making an inheritance-tax-deductible charitable gift to OIST.

Memorial Gift

Remember the one who passed away by making a charitable gift to OIST in his/her memory, or directing memorial gifts from friends and family members to OIST.

To discuss more about legacy gifts, please contact

Or email: donation@oist.jp