Principal Investigator

Dr. Hiroki Takahashi

Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Ezra Kassa

Born and bred in Ethiopia, I did my undergrad at Imperial College London. I then went to Brighton's University of Sussex to complete my PhD in Matthias Keller's group, working on trapped ions in optical cavities. I later joined Axel Kuhn's Atom-Photon Connection group in Oxford to comprehend life as a neutral-atom guy, look into fancy cavities and ended up learning about even fancier photons. I was getting rekindled with long-lived emitters after teaming up with Joe Goodwin in David Lucas's Ion Trap Quantum Computing group before I was seduced by a shisa chanting Sanshin folk in the fall of 2019.

Research Unit Administrator

Akiko Guzman

Akiko oversees the units adminstrative work. She enjoys working in such a diverse research institute. Outside of work, she loves to eat and travel.