Student Enlightening Talk and Poster session

Schedule of Student Enlightening Talks

July 31 (Tuesday)

13:40              Liliia Andriichuk

The role of early activity in interneuron migration and integration in the mouse cerebral cortex


13:50              Amanda Araujo Gomes Ferreira

Building retinotopy in the Drosophila optic lobe


14:00              Tomas FJ Barreda

Non-random Connectivity Rules in Rat Presubiculum Microcircuits


14:10              Carla Belmonte

The Study of Gliogenic Progenitors within the Hindbrain


14:20              Tea Break & Discussion


14:35              Emilia Bergoglio

A study of the function of DCLK1 short isoform CPG16 in the development of the

murine cerebellum


14:45              Jonas Bittern

Glial functions in neuronal circuitry


14:55              Marianne Demailly

The effect of SynCAM1 induced-dimerization on neuronal growth cone guidance and synapse formation


15:05              Kelsie Eichel

Mechanisms of polarized neuronal membrane protein trafficking in C. elegans


15:15              Tea Break & Discussion


15:35              Ryan E. Hulett

Nervous system patterning during regeneration in the acoel Hofstenia miamia


15:45              Yui Imaizumi

Functions of the p57 imprinted allele in mouse neocortical development


15:55              Mustafa Korkutata

Enhancing endogenous adenosine A2A receptor signaling:

a potential treatment for insomnia


16:05              Rafael Krämer

The role of Rab11 in developmental degradation of transmembrane receptors in Drosophila C4da neurons


16:15              Discussion


August 1 (Wednesday)

13:40              Claudia G. Liberini

Maternal and early-life diet dictates bodyweight gain and alters hindbrain plasticity in offspring


13:50              Natasha Fahey Lozano

“No cell is an Island”

Control of Cell Competition by Cell Shape Regulators in Tissue Development and Cancer


14:00              Patricia Martín-Maestro

Mitophagy impairment restoration by bexarotene in iPSC-derived neural precursor cells of Alzheimer’s disease-associated Presenilin 1 mutation


14:10              Yusuke Naito

The novel synaptic adhesion mechanism regulating inhibitory neuronal circuit formation by immunoglobulin superfamily member 21


14:20              Tea Break & Discussion


14:35              Nicole Pogodalla

Analysis of neuropil associated ensheathing glia in Drosophila melanogaster larval CNS


14:45              Marta Portela Esteban

Active wingless vampirization by glioblastoma network leads to brain tumor growth and neurodegeneration


14:55              Emma Powell

Neuron-glial interactions mediate neurite remodelling in the Drosophila visual system


15:05              Martina Riva

Effects of Cajal-Retzius cells persistance on layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons


15:15              Tea Break & Discussion


15:35              Irene Rubio-Ferrera

From stem cells to single neurons: What makes me unique?

Orcokinin A neurons such a new model for studying neuronal specification


15:45              Viviane M. Saito

Gut microbiota modulation of behavioral phenotypes of distinct mouse models of Autism Spectrum Disorders


15:55              Javier Valdes-Aleman

Studying the selective patterns of synaptic connectivity in Drosophila


16:05              Fatma Rabia Urun

Amplifying Notch transcriptional activity in Neural Stem Cells


16:15              Pooja Joshi

Role of microglial metabolism in perinatal neuroinflammation


16:25              Discussion



Poster session

August 7 (Tuesday)    19:00 ~ 21:00          Chura Hall