OIST Mini Symposia for October-March, 2017 (FY2016)

The category “OIST Mini Symposia” – a small-scale symposium with the duration of 2-3 days – addresses a specific scientific theme or topic, focusing on current trends and recent findings in the field of interest.  Unlike OIST Workshops, talks at the Mini Symposia can be highly technical and specific for the field of research of the organizing unit. 

Main Organizer Title Date Venue Website/Other Info
Prof. Hirotaka Sugawara (Advanced Medical Instrumentation Unit) Radiation sensors and emerging applications in medical imaging, space science and materials science   Jan 16-18, 2017 OIST Seaside House  Website
Prof. Eliot Fried (Mathematical Soft Matter Unit) Viscoelasticity and Dissipative Dynamics of Rods and Membranes March 6-8, 2017 OIST Main Campus (C210)  Website

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*OIST Mini Symposia are held in accordance to the Japanese fiscal year, starting April 1st of the ongoing and ending March 31st of the following calendar year.