OIST Mini Symposia for October-March, 2016 (FY2015)

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Prof. Amy Shen (Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit)

Current trends and emerging technologies in nanofluidics and nanofabrications

Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2015

OIST Main Campus (C209)


Prof. Eliot Fried (Mathematical Soft Matter Unit)

Mathematical modeling and analysis of protein cages

Jan. 13-15, 2016

OIST Main Campus (C210)


Prof. Matthias Wolf  (Molecular Cryo-Electron Microscopy Unit) Amphipol Symposium 2016 Feb. 15-17, 2016 OIST Seaside House & Main Campus (Teaching Lab) https://groups.oist.jp/cws/event/amphipol-symposium-2016

Prof. Sile Nic Chormaic (Light-Matter Interactions Unit)

Rydberg Atoms for Quantum Technologies

Mar. 3-5 2016

OIST Seaside House


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*OIST Mini Symposia are held in accordance to the Japanese fiscal year, starting April 1st of the ongoing and ending March 31st of the following calendar year.