Interacting at the Epidermis: A Quest for Identity - Exhibition by Akira Miyagi


Monday, February 25, 2013 (All day) to Friday, May 10, 2013 (All day)


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Title: Interacting at the Epidermis: A Quest for Identity
Period: February 25 to May 10, 2013
Venue: Skywalk, OIST Campus

Message from the Artist ご挨拶

Akira Miyagi

I have always been fascinated by the edges that we find around us, the boundaries. For me when I think about art, this means the boundaries between paintings, prints and sculptures. Of course, there is no visible border line; it is more an empty space pregnant with untouched hidden possibility. It is the fertile ground of imaginative power. This one-man show is comprised of old and new works, and the title, Interacting at the Epidermis, evolved during the process of producing the works. I pursued the possibilities of aluminum material (offset printer), and explored the nature of identity, which is presented in the exhibition; an encounter of art and science. I very much hope that my works will be in harmony with this wonderful Skywalk Gallery.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Jonathan Dorfan, the President of the OIST Graduate University, who gave me this opportunity to fulfill a dream, and the many other people who have helped in this process. I would also like to offer a prayer for the continuing growth and prosperity of your university.

I much admire the vibrant world of Navy Onna, a poet of Onna Village, Okinawa, and I would like to conclude with one of her poems:

On the other side of Onna Mountain
Lies the hometown of my lover.
How I long to push aside
All the trees and woods and forests
And draw him ever closer.

February 2013


1945 Born on August 25, in Nago City
1970  Eleven Artists Exhibition at Ryubo Hall
Left Japan in August to study at Pratt Graphic Center (New York)
Inspired by contemporary artists such as Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.
1973 Left America in August and embarked on “A Journey of the Roots” Traveled Brazil > Portugal > Europe > Greece > Turkey > Iran > Afghanistan > India > Thailand > Hong Kong > Taiwan. Returned to Japan at the end of December.
1974 Started artistic activities in Okinawa.
1978 Two Artists Exhibition: Okinawa Times Hall 2 (Naha City)
1979 1st solo exhibition “Self-Praise”: Okinawa Times Hall 2 (Naha City)
1980 “Solo Exhibition, an Individual Point” (2nd solo exhibition): Okinawa Times Hall 2 (Naha City)
“One Person Picture Exhibition” (3rd solo exhibition): Kuniyoshi Gallery (Naha City)
1981 “Akira Miyagi Exhibition” (solo exhibition): Kuniyoshi Gallery (Naha City)
1982 “Studies of Pictures” (solo exhibition): Okinawa Prefecture Citizen’s Art Gallery (Naha City)
1987 “Wave Campus” (solo exhibition): Gallery Okinawa (Naha City)
1988 “Unfolding of Materials” (solo exhibition): Gallery Miyagi (Naha City)
1989 Visited America (August)
Contacted OK Harris Works of Art, and the Leo Castelli Gallery.
Returned to America (November). Showed own works to Leo Castelli, owner of the Leo Castelli Gallery.
1991 “Identity” Jeans Series (solo exhibition) started: Gallery Miyagi
1992 “Body” Jeans Series GALLERY WORK II (solo exhibition): Gallery Okinawa
1994 Okinawa, Japan, and South Korea Exchange Art Exhibition: Okinawa Convention Center, Naha Civic Gallery (Ginowan City, Naha City)
1995 Exhibited in Okinawa Contemporary Artists Exhibition: Urasoe Art Museum (Urasoe City)
Postwar 50 Okinawa’s Art Exhibition: Naha Civic Gallery (Naha City)
1996 “Decoloration” Jeans Series (solo exhibition): Haebaru Town Museum (Haebaru Town)
2000 “At One with the Epidermis” Aluminum Series (solo exhibition) started: Gallery Okinawa (Naha City)
2002 “Transformation of Space” Aluminum Series (solo exhibition): Maejima Art Center (Naha City)
Three Artists Exhibition: Yomitan Village Museum (Yomitan Village)
“Corrosion” Aluminum Series (solo exhibition): Sakima Art Museum (Ginowan City)
2006 Winds Four Artists Exhibition: Soul Art Space in Pusan City (South Korea)
2007 “Locus of Acts and Towards Restoration” (solo exhibition): Galley Okinawa (Haebaru Town)
Production and exhibition “Locus of Okinawan Culture 1872-2007” Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum (Naha)
2008 “Okinawa Prismed 1872-2007”: The National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo)
2009 “Magma 08” (solo exhibition): O Gallery (Tokyo)
2010 Solo Exhibition (celebration of retirement): Library and Art Museum Affiliated to Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts (Naha City)

Artworks for Museum Collections

  • Yomitan Village Museum (2002),
  • Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum (2007)
  • Sakima Art Museum (2007),
  • Library and Art Museum Affiliated to Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts (2011)


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