Call for Event Proposal

Proposal submission for culture events at OIST FY2024 (April 2024 - March 2025)
Submission deadline is January 5, 2024. 

Culture Event/Activity Proposal From

OIST Culture Committee: Call for Proposals and Guidelines (2023)

Thank you for your interest in art and culture at OIST. Your proposal will go to OIST’s Culture Committee, which endeavors to connect to Okinawa’s rich local culture and enrich creative collaboration with scientific endeavors. As you know, art and cultural activities broaden our minds, lift our spirits, and enrich our lives.

Through the call for proposals/ad hoc submissions and subsequent evaluation, OIST’s Culture Committee is responsible for establishing an annual program of cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, and public talks. Recommendations are made to the Vice President of Communications and Public Relations, who, along with Executive Committee consultation, shall provide the approval. If you would like to submit a project, please fill in the online form providing as much detail about the project as possible. Please make sure that your project aligns with the requirements listed below.

  1. OIST community members as well as members of the general public are invited to submit projects for display at OIST. We strongly encourage that projects include OIST researchers.
  2. We encourage science and art/culture-related proposals that originate from OIST research projects, or that are related to Okinawa.
  3. The Committee encourages, and will give preference to, OIST inter-unit collaborations.
  4. The Committee recommends that all proposals be fully funded before submitting; however, you may wish to seek funding after it has been selected.
  5. The Committee does not have a budget for projects and cannot provide funding.
  6. All projects must have an organizer and/or project manager who will be responsible for the development and implementation of the project. CPR can provide some logistics support.
  7. Please see this list of past projects to see the sort of work supported by the Culture Committee:
  8. Please submit a project timeline along with the application form. If you are submitting outside the annual call period, please submit your materials to the Committee for review at least two months prior to the event.
  9. Please be sure to explain how the project aligns with OIST’s vision, mission, and guiding principles (
  10. The Committee may require drafts, sketches, or samples of material and/or content related to the project.
  11. Carefully consider your proposal. Do not submit any materials that may be considered offensive, unethical, or that infringe on animal or human welfare.
  12. OIST reserves the right to authorize or decline the use of any space on campus.
  13. If the proposed event is expected to be hosted in OIST’s public areas, be sure to design materials that are accessible to all OIST community members and visitors. Please note that the use of both English and Japanese languages is required.
  14. OIST reserves the right to use any promotional material generated from the events for educational and promotional purposes.
  15. If a selected project is not able to be completed during the approved financial year, the applicant must re-submit the proposal, if they wish to have it considered for the next year. There will be no rolling-over of projects from one fiscal year to the next.
  16. Please see the Culture Committee’s terms of reference (which are currently being updated and will be available before Dec. 31, 2023) for more details about the committee’s responsibilities, authority, and process.

The call for entries for OIST FY2024 will be open until Jan 5, 2024. By submitting a proposal, the entrants understand and agree with the requirements above.