Lecturers and Lecture Materials

Alain Aspect,  Institut d'Optique Graduate School, France                                          Date of Visit: 17th to 22nd
Quantum Simulation of Anderson Localisation using Ultracold Atoms

     Slides:  Combined Lectures

Immanuel Bloch,  MPQ Muenchen, Germany                                                              Date of Visit: 15th to 19th
Probing and Controlling Ultra Cold Quantum Matter in Optical Lattices

     Slides:  Lecture 1    Lecture 2    Lecture 3
Päivi TörmaAalto University, Finland                                                                       Date of Visit: 15th to 19th
Strong Coupling between Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Emitters

     Slides:  Lecture 1    Lecture 2    Lecture 3

     Additional Material:

     A.I. Väkeväinen, R.J. Moerland, H.T. Rekola, A.-P. Eskelinen, J.-P. Martikainen, D.-H. Kim, and P. Törmä,
     Plasmonic Surface Lattice Resonances at the Strong Coupling Regime
     Nano Letters 14, 1721 (2014)
     [Link] [Manuscript] [Additional Material]

     L. Shi, T. K. Hakala, H. T. Rekola, J.-P. Martikainen, R. J. Moerland, and P. Törmä,
     Spatial Coherence Properties of Organic Molecules Coupled to Plasmonic Surface Lattice Resonances in the Weak and
     Strong Coupling Regimes
     Physical Review Letters 112, 153002 (2014).
     [Link] [Manuscript] [Additional Material]

     T.K. Hakala, J.J. Toppari, A. Kuzyk, M. Pettersson, H. Tikkanen, H. Kunttu, and P. Törmä,
     Vacuum Rabi splitting and strong coupling dynamics for surface plasmon polaritons and Rhodamine 6G molecules
     Physical Review Letters 103, 053602 (2009)
     [Link] [Manuscript] [Additional Material]

     P. Törmä and W.L. Barnes
     Strong coupling between surface plasmon polaritons and emitters
     [Review Article]

Akira FurusawaThe University of Tokyo, Japan                                                        Date of Visit: 17th to 19th
Hybrid Quantum Information Processing

     Slides:  Lecture 1    Lecture 2    Lecture 3

     Additional Material:

     Shuntaro Takeda and Akira Furusawa,
     Optical Hybrid Quantum Information Processing

     U.L. Andersen, J.S. Neergaard-Nielsen, P. van Loock, and A. Furusawa,
     Hybrid Quantum Information Processing

Bill Munro NTT BRL, Japan                                                                                     Date of Visit: 22nd to 25th
Photonic Quantum Computation, Communication and Networks

     Slides:  Lecture 1     Lecture 2     Lecture 3

Mauro Paternostro, QUB, Northern Ireland                                                               Date of Visit: 18th to 26th
Hybrid Systems for Quantum Technologies


Jungsang Kim, Duke University, USA                                                                        Date of Visit: 21st to 24th
Practical Quantum Computation

     Slides:  Lecture 1     Lecture 2     Lecture 3

Takahiro SagawaThe University of Tokyo, Japan                                                    Date of Visit: 21st to 25th
Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Quantum Information Processing



Colloquium Speakers (1 x 60 minutes)

Elisabeth Giacobino, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel​, France                                       Date of Visit: 16th to 22nd
Quantum dynamics of microcavity polaritons       [Slides]

Shigeki TakeuchiHokkaido University/Osaka University, Japan                            Date of Visit: 15th to 17th
Photonic Quantum Information and Metrology      [Slides]

Norikazu Mizuochi, Osaka University, Japan                                                           Date of Visit: 21st to 24th
Quantum information and Metrology by NV center in diamond

Denis Konstantinov, OIST Graduate University, Japan                                             Date of Visit: 25th
Electrons on liquid helium for quantum computing      [Slides]


Presentation Skills (2 x 90 minutes)

Kevin Hunt, OIST Graduate University, Japan
Poster Presentation Tips (Handout)

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