Research Interns at CCCU

Welcome to Sandra, our new research intern in the group!

And good luck to our interns who just finished their internship programs, Luca Nencini and Shubham Deolka.

Luca started in April working on CO2 reduction chemistry. In only about 3 months of working on a totally new project in our group together with Abhi and after screening several types of transition metal complexes, he found a new catalytic system for CO2 reduction and presented his results at the ISHC in Kyoto. We are now continuing to study the mechanism and scope of this reactivity.

Shubham worked in our group as an undergraduate intern since end of May. In two months of his hard and persistent work and thanks to synthetic training by Eugene, he obtained three new pincer ligands and prepared their complexes with Rh, Ru, Ir and Ni. Now we are studying the reactivity of these complexes in small molecule activation and catalysis as well as MOF formation.

Please visit our photo gallery to see the picture from ISHC and farewall party with Luca and Shubham.