Setting up the lab: some progress since June 2015 to January 2016, in pictures

Just to document some changes, this is how the lab looks now, and how it was back in June 2015 when we just started. There are definitely some changes that happened over the last half a year, although the process is still in progress.

Thanks to everyone in our unit (Orestes, Eugene, Georgy, Abhi and Chika) and in OIST Facilities Section (Takada-san, Sakurai-san, John Dickison) and to OIST start-up budget for helping set up a working synthetic organometallic lab in a reasonable period of time, and Happy New year!

Synthetic Lab C704 in January 2016:

Same lab in June 2015 when we just started:

Glovebox Room in June 2015:

Glovebox Room now:

Setting up the glovebox: antechamber portals:

Student/Postdoc Office in June 2015:

Student/Postdoc Office area in January 2016:

First Schlenk line set up in the lab (by Orestes), July 6, 2015:

Unpacking Rigaku X-ray (common instrument at OIST):

X-ray as of January the 4th, 2016