Student Housing Information (For New Students)

1. Room Allocation

  • Basic room allocation
Single (bachelor) Shared room (with private bedroom)
Couple Single room
(More than 3 members)
Single or Two bedrooms

All single (bachelor) students will be assigned to shared furnished rooms. If you are relocating with your family, please request an occupied family room from HERE. You will be asked to provide supporting documents like a family certificate.

OIST will make room allocations based on the roommate requests from the students. If no request is submitted, OIST will match up the student with others with basic information like gender, and assign a bedroom. Room allocation will usually be announced three to four weeks before your arrival date.


2. Roommates Finder

[ Student Roommates Finder ]

Like a bulletin board, OIST will create a private group on SLACK to help you find a roommate. Only the new incoming students and the current students who are looking for a roommate can join the group.
Your profile will be posted in this private group. The members can see all student profiles and search for a future roommate. You can communicate with other members on SLACK as well.

3. Room Request

Once your arrival date is confirmed and you have found your roommate, please submit a Room Request Form.


4. Housing Information

  • Rent, Room Types
    OIST students are responsible for 20% of the rent amount of their housing, with the balance provided by the university.
  • Pet
    Regular pets are allowed. Additionally, a pet deposit is applicable. Please contact us if you are relocating with your pets. (
    Pet rules are written in the Lease Agreement (sub-lease) below.
  • Parking
    Parking can be assigned. You can request space from University Parking (OIST members only).
    Until then, please use the public parking on campus.

Housing Location & Mailing address

The resident should prepare things like bedding (sheets, pillow), towels, and toilet paper. Items not in the lists above will not be provided.

Standard Mattress size: W120 x D195 x H19 (* Varies by room.)


5. Documents to read before arrival

  • Furniture Agreement (Village Area only)
    Standard Mattress size: W120 x D195 x H19 (* Varies by room.)


Any questions?


Please contact OIST Housing Management Section. (Click HERE.)