Shuttle Bus Service (for External Visitors)

Terms of Use

1. Please present one shuttle bus pass per person when boarding

2. You must be at the designated bus stop to board

3. Stops only at designated bus stops


Bus Stop Locations

1.Ishikawa Line (Weekdays)
2.Ishikawa IC Line
〈Download the full list of bus stops here.〉


1.Ishikawa Line (Weekdays) 【Timetable

1 Auditorium 講堂前

14 Akasaki 赤崎

2 Iha (Inbound) 伊波(上り)

15 Akasaki / Tabata 赤崎/タバタ

3 Iha (Outbound) 伊波(下り)

16 Agariyama-iriguchi (Inbound) 東山入口(上り)

4 Maehara (Inbound) 前原(上り)

17 Agariyama-iriguchi (Outbound) 東山入口(下り)

5 Maehara (Outbound) 前原(下り)

18 Ishikawa IC (Pachinko) 石川IC(パチンコ前)

6 Higashi-onna (Inbound) 東恩納(上り)

20 Tiger Beach (Inbound) タイガービーチ(上り)

7 Higashi-onna (Outbound) 東恩納(下り)

21 Tiger Beach (Outbound) タイガービーチ(下り)

9 Ishikawa-iriguchi (Inbound) 石川入口(上り)

22 Fuchaku (Inbound) 冨着(上り)

10 Ishikawa-iriguchi (Outbound) 石川入口(下り)

23 Fuchaku (Outbound) 冨着(下り)

11 Nan-ei (Inbound) 南栄(上り)

25 Moon Beach (Inbound) ムーンビーチ(上り)

12 Nan-ei (Outbound) 南栄(下り)

26 Moon Beach (Outbound) ムーンビーチ(下り)


2.Ishikawa IC Line 【Timetable

Auditorium 講堂前

24 Seaside House シーサイドハウス

19 Ishikawa IC (Expressway) 石川IC(高速側)

37 Onna Farmers Market 恩納の駅



Points to be noted when using OIST Shuttle Bus at Ishikawa IC

The stopping point at Ishikawa IC varies depending on which route you are using. Please make sure that you are in the right direction.

Ishikawa IC (Expressway) *Regular Hours and Night Time

Ishikawa IC (Pachinko Parlor) *Morning Shuttle on weekdays。


Coming from Naha Airport

1. Airport Shuttle Bus(RED Bus)
2.Highway Bus ⇔ OIST Shuttle Bus


1. Airport Shuttle Bus (RED Bus)


Airport Shuttle is a separate service provided by a joint venture of JTB Okinawa and Hokubu Kanko.

Tickets can be purchased directly on the bus. Amounts must be paid in Japanese Yen only

Please ask bus driver for availability before boarding. 

For more details, please visit the Okinawa Airport Shuttle Website.


Airport Shuttle (RED Bus) Stops



2.Highway Bus ⇔ OIST Shuttle Bus

Highway Bus (#111, #117) 
Fare: JPY 1,400 
・Fare is good from Naha to Ishikawa IC.
・Colors and design may vary according to the type of the vehicle.