Intern Accommodation (for RI and VRS)


Bedding To Be Prepared By The Resident

Please make sure to bring your own sheets and pillowcase.
Please refrain from using the bed without sheets and pillowcases.

[Size of items provided]

  • Matless (120 x 198 x 26 cm)
  • Comforter/duvet (170 x 210 cm)
  • Pillow (40 x 60 cm)


Bedding Purchase Request (webform)
Requests must be submitted 11 days in advance.

[Store information]

Name: AEON (in Village Center)
Open hours 8:00 am – 8 pm (including weekends and holidays)
Main Campus1 PDF


  • Please receive the room key as instructed.
    In the case of the Key box. Please refer to "How to get your room Key (PDF)".

    Please take off your shoes at the room entrance.

[ Room location ]  Whole OIST Map (PDF)     The Gardens map (PDF)

[ Bedroom Location ]
Please make sure to use the assigned bedroom, and do not change the bedrooms.

After you have checked in,

  1. Watch "Garbage rules" on YouTube.

  2. Please complete the Furniture check sheet and Accommodation agreement (Excel).
  3. Take a picture of all keys you have received. (Room key and desk key)
  4. Within 3 days, please send the (1) agreement and the (2) key picture to the Housing Management Section. (< click).


Monthly Cleaning

You will be asked to clean the room every month. OIST will send out an announcement by email.
After the due date, our staff will enter the room and check the room condition.

  1. Once you are asked, please clean your room along with this Cleaning checklist (Excel). 
    (Cleaned room sample PDF)
  2. After the due date, OIST staff will enter your room and check. (You do not have to be in the room.)
    After the inspection, OIST will send the result to you by email.

  3. If you are asked to clean again, please do so. After the due date, OIST staff will check your room once again.
  • If you get the warning twice, the cleaning fee will be charged to you. The whole room cleaning costs approx. JPY 60,000.



  1. [About 10 days before]
    OIST will send pre and final inspection schedules. You need to participate in the sessions.
  2. Pre-Inspection [4 working days before Move-out day]
    Before the pre-inspection, please clean your room along with this Cleaning checklist (Excel). (Cleaned room sample PDF). On this day OIST staff will check the conditions with you.

    You do not have to pack all of your belongings, but please prepare to leave at this stage.
  3. Final Inspection [1 day before Move-out day]
    Clean the room beforehand. OIST staff will check the conditions with you.

    *If professional cleaning is necessary, the cost will be charged to you (Approximately 60,000 JPY).
  4. [Move-out day]
  • If you are using the rental sheets. Please wash the sheets and covers. What bedding to wash (PDF)
  • Do not leave anything behind including the storage room/closet.
    No food, cardboard, or personal belongings shouldn't be left.
  • Leave the air conditioner ON in all rooms (Dehumidification mode).
    You do not have to turn it off.
  • Lock the front door and return all keys to the red post box in the Gardens Office below.
    If you have the bedroom key and desk cabinet key, please make sure to return them as well.

    Additionally, if you have a parking permit, please return it to the Gardens Office (not in the post).

    Where to return the key


5. After you have moved out, we will visit and check the room's condition.


What is provided in the room?

  • Furniture list
  • Basic kitchen utensils such as cutlery, plates, pots, pans, knives, etc.
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • No amenity is provided. Toilet paper, towels, shampoo, soap, and garbage bags will be on your own.
  • Pillow and comforter are provided, but pillow cover and sheets are NOT provided.


Accommodation Rules

  • No shoes
  • No smoking (Designated Smoking Area)
  • No overnight guests
  • No pets
  • Refrain from making a loud noise.
  • Do not change bedrooms.
  • Please avoid damaging the room & furniture.
  • Do not move furniture.
  • Keep the room clean.
  • Lock the front door when you are not home.
  • Do not use the bed without sheets and a pillow cover.
  • Do not leave your belongings in the common area outside the door.


Garbage Disposal


Other information

  • OIST Shuttle bus
    For the details, please visit HERE (OIST members only).
  • Address
    OIST,  The Gardens (+Room number)
    1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan 904-0497

    〒904-0497 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字谷茶1919番地1
    OIST ザ・ガーデンズ (+部屋番号)
  • Parking
    If you'd like to use a parking space, please submit a Parking Application.
    FYI: On-campus Parking Maps (OIST members only)


Housing Issue


Any questions?

Please contact Housing Management Section at


Emergency Information

OIST helpline 098-966-8989 (Emergency case only)

General Emergency Information (Resource Center)