April 2023 - March 2024



Variational quantum algorithm for ergotropy estimation in quantum many-body batteries
Duc Tuan Hoang, Friederike Metz, Andreas Thomasen, Tran Duong Anh-Tai, Thomas Busch, Thomás Fogarty
arXiv:2308.03334 (2023).

Cold atoms in low dimensions -- a laboratory for quantum dynamics
S.I. Mistakidis, A.G. Volosniev, R.E. Barfknecht, T. Fogarty, Th. Busch, A. Foerster, P. Schmelcher, and N.T. Zinner
arXiv:2202.11071 (2022)

Oscillating superflow in multicomponent Bose-Einstein condensates
Angela White, Thomas Busch
arXiv:1712.07363 (2017)


Peer Reviewed Reprints

Making statistics work: a quantum engine in the BEC-BCS crossover
J. Koch, K. Menon, E. Cuestas, S. Barbosa, E. Lutz, T. Fogarty, Th. Busch, and A. Widera
arXiv:2209.14202 (2022). Accepted for publication in Nature.

Fermionization of a few-body Bose system immersed into a Bose-Einstein condensate
Tim Keller, Thomás Fogarty, Thomas Busch
SciPost Phys. 15, 095 (2023).

Quantum chaos in interacting Bose-Bose mixtures
Tran Duong Anh-Tai, Mathias Mikkelsen, Thomas Busch, Thomás Fogarty
SciPost Phys. 15, 048 (2023).

Entropy of the quantum work distribution
Anthony Kiely, Eoin O'Connor, Thomás Fogarty, Gabriel T. Landi, and Steve Campbell
Phys. Rev. Research 5, L022010 (2023)