Workshop: The Presence Zone


Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 09:00 to 17:00


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Target Audience: Researchers and Students

Session Format: Full-day workshop

Facilitator: Kirstie O’Sullivan, the Director of The Voice Practice

Short description: Speaking and presenting are smaller parts of a greater process; an holistic process. You can’t have a persuasive, commanding vocal presence if your body is collapsed, de-energised and out of alignment. You can’t control your nerves if you can’t manage your breathing or your inner-critic is in charge. And you really can’t persuade, motivate and galvanize your audience into action if you’d rather not be there yourself. Throughout The Presence Zone, we work on enhancing your relationship with yourself in order to create an awesome relationship with your audience.

Schedule: The workshop consists of 3 modules: Lights  - Camera - Action


During this module, participants will:

  • Clarify their reason for speaking
  • Tap in to the heart and guts of their message in order to create a firm foundation, clear motivation and focused resolve when they step into the speaking arena.


During this module participants will:

  • Work with the ABC’S of speaking (Arrive, Breathe, Connect & Speak) 
  • Understand how to use their physiology to support their speaking process
  • Work with practical tools to manage nerves and anxiety
  • Be able to understand and claim their physical environment when speaking
  • Have practised how to use their voice to add clarity and conviction to their message


During this module participants will:

  • Identify their primary audience and objective for their presentation
  • Craft their message using the Hero’s Journey structure
  • Understand how to take their notes from page to stage
  • Understand the importance of rehearsal, warming up and stagecraft
  • Step into the spotlight using their touchstone presentation.

Registration is required. 20 participant max. In case there are more than 20 people registered, a waiting list will be created.

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